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Sound has been used for centuries as healing vibrational instruments designed to help us clarify and purify our energetic body.
Please join us as we relax, meditate and allow the frequencies of the bowls to reverberate throughout our bodies, harmonizing and energizing the body, mind and spirit! This workshop will facilitate an inner sound activation utilizing various sacred instruments that have been used by ancient cultures for generations.
Sound therapy is a quantum healing technique that has the ability to align an individual so that person has the opportunity to have a more fulfilling and harmonious experience of life. Portal to Ascension will facilitate a hands on vibrational experience featuring instruments such as Tibetan Bowls, Crystals Bowls, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoos, Solfeggio Healing Tubes, Tingsha Bells and many more unique instruments. Portal to Ascension presents a cosmic interactive vibrational experience as we journey through harmonic overtones and sounds so that we may step into our authentic selves and BE empowered here in the NOW. We are also available for one on one sessions or to travel locally to facilitate experiences at your personal resdience. Sound healing practices have brought well-being and harmony to people for thousands of years. Singing Bowls Meditation at Deva Om Boutique, 9812 SW 77 Ave., Miami FL - Friday, May 6th and 20th, 7pm. Jed currently has for sale some singing bowls at greatly discounted prices, available for local pickup only - The bowls presently available are: a pair of 6" Tibetan metal bowls, $45 each.

If there's a bowl you wish to get don't delay, these are wholesale or below prices and only one of each is available, call or email if you are interested in obtaining one or more of these items. Jed uses tuning forks and both metal and crystal singing bowls to assist with vibrational healing.
528 hz crystal bowl, known as the "miracle" frequency used for DNA repair - the healing tone shared by Dr.
Free MP3 - When Love Flows Through Your Heart (Original Acoustic Demo), by Jed Shlackman, Dec. These sound tools are calibrated at different frequencies that match the vibration of your corresponding energy centers, chakras and organs.
We will be using a range of sacred instruments including tibetan bowls, tingsha bells, didgeridoos and tuning forks. Entrainment can be facilitated via instruments such as singing bowls as well as synthesizer generated binaural tones with headphones. The bowls can be rung like a bell or gong or played along the rim to create a "singing" sound.
Please call and register before attending so you don't show up, in case we do not have any spaces available. Crystal has been used to receive and transmit energy and frequencies in numerous cultures, and the sounds of crystal and metal singing bowls are natural aids for meditation and relaxation.

Crystal bowls can also be rung or made to "sing" by playing their rim - they are made from pure quartz crystal and come in a variety of sizes, from 5 or 6 inches in diameter to 24 or more inches in diameter - an entire room can vibrate with the sound of one of these bowls! The sound tools that will be used are all calibrated to different octaves and frequencies that are the exact same perfect resonant frequencies of specific organs and energy centers in your body. The singing bowls are also used to help clear tension from our energy fields and balance the chakras - the subtle energy centers that distribute our life force.
Each bowl has a primary musical tone along with many additional overtones that wash through you like cleansing waves. When your body absorbs the vibration of the sound activation and your mind hears the tones, your body instantly begins to attempt to match the perfect vibrations. In modern times the benefits of sound therapies have been identified for people with a variety of mental health difficulties as well as for people experiencing pain and serious illnesses.
Come join Jed for this sacred gathering to experience these powerful sound tools as participants experience these amazing sounds facilitating meditatition and healing. Scientists have even discovered that our DNA and the cells in our body use both sound and light to communicate and transfer information.

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