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Chriss combines shamanic energy healing, reiki energy healing, qigong energy healing, therapeutic and spiritual counseling, life coaching, readings, somatic bodywork infused with healing energy, fitness and nutrition consulting, and many more modalities to facilitate lasting changes in people’s lives.  Sessions available in any of these modalities or in any combination. Chriss uses shamanic healing methods, qigong energy healing, reiki energy healing, and many other healing modalities based in spiritual energetic principles. Chriss has served professionally as a counselor in a variety of settings, working with people of all ages.  Chriss offers weekly sessions for clients who need ongoing support through life transitions or through deep healing processes, and also supports couples and families with relationship counseling and non-violent communication tools and training. Chriss is deeply skilled in hands-on bodywork and understands tension and physical holding on an intuitive level.  He naturally infuses bodywork sessions with healing energy. As part of an overall program supporting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, Chriss teaches leading-edge nutritional concepts and provides consulting and coaching on fitness and exercise programs. Chriss works with Reiki energy at every level, offering sessions, leading Reiki Circles, offering Reiki classes with attunements, and supporting Reiki teachers to refine their own teachings and offerings. Chriss has worked teaching and counseling energy workers and psychics over the last ten years, transmitting strong, powerful fundamentals and helping them create more balance, maintain a stronger foundation, and optimize their abilities. Here I have provided a list of products and people who I have used or are still using, as I commonly get asked about these things! is a highly recommended organisation that sells advanced healing technologies such as tachyonised pendants, and even quantum fluctuation resonators. These products neutralise and harmonise electromagnetic radiation from common electronics, and they do it is such a great way.
To pay for and arrange an appointment, please follow the instructions on the Healing Services page.
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Testimonials“After the (implant) removal I felt very light and happy, like I was floating in a bubble of happiness and the feeling hasn’t left me since – that was over 5 months ago now!
Tara is an Advanced Certified Christa Healer who practices a powerful form of spiritual energy healing known as Christa Healing that was developed by her teacher Adriene Wentworth. Tara Lakshmi Kale was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where she lived for the first nine years of her life. In May of 1981 Tara and her husband were in a head-on collision that took his physical life and propelled her deeply onto the spiritual path.
During her late husband’s transition from the physical, he appeared many times to Tara.
Tara studied in-depth, one-on-one for over seven years with Adriene Wentworth, who in 1993 brought through a new and powerful form of Cosmic Christ Energy called the Christa Energy.
Tara traveled to Bangalore, India and had the honor of spending three weeks in the home of the Himalayan Spiritual Master, Sant Guru Sant Keshevedas. Upon traveling to northern India, Tara received the great blessing of meeting with another Himalayan Master, Swami Rama, founder of the Himalayan Institute. In 1998 Tara was among the first group of initiates to receive attunement to the AnaMata Energy, which is Cosmic Feminine Energy in its purest form. Well, I’ll explain how I came to meet Tara and then explain the consequent reflections on my life.
The story picks up as I’m sitting in one of those sedans that the hotels have contracts with to give rides around to various events while in town. Part of the background story is that I had been trained and brainwashed by the marines and later the army infantry school, which had awakened a very extreme soldier in me.

So, I came to America to live again and I encountered militarized police thuging and victimizing citizens. After the Healing session I realized that all the fear and paranoia that fueled the soldier mode was gone, and I was back to feeling like I had years earlier that I had forgotten all about. I continued with several more Healing sessions, addressing layers of things that cause me suffering and confusion. So, with this last Healing session we were able to get to some very deep and important areas for healing, including the deep soldier levels. Following her work with me, I felt somewhat disoriented, but at the same time I felt more deeply balanced.
Later on that evening following dinner, I noticed this pronounced and uncharacteristic pulsation, a vibration that felt as though it was emanating from within and beyond my core.
What I came to realize was that I had an out-of-body experience as a result of Tara’s work with me. I feel that if it were not for Tara, at this very important time in my life, I would have lost my desire to remain on the planet.
Reiki healing works by inducing a state of deep relaxation that enhances your body’s own natural healing powers. Reiki Level I class covers the history, principles and techniques from the Western and Japanese teaching traditions of Reiki, instruction in the hand positions for self-healing and for healing others, in addition to more information and techniques.
Perfect for protecting against negative energies that we are exposed to on a daily basis and for maintaining the benefits of energy healing.
I particularly like the Geocleanse Home Harmoniser that is powerful enough to harmonise not just your electricity circuit but that of your neighbours houses too! After a series of realisations and awakenings, Grant started to work as a clairvoyant healer in 2012. From there she moved, with her family, to British Columbia, Canada where she resided until 1977. Tara was among the first group of spiritual aspirants who received initiation and empowerment to carry and work with this beautiful Cosmic Christ Energy. They met at the top of Cathedral mountain and each instantly recognized a deep bond with the other. Lotus Blossom provides grace, compassion, peace, and support from Kuan Yin and the Taoist Master Jade Emperor.
She believes that the beauty of nature inspires the soul and assists one’s efforts to transform the ego. Her extensive training and experience, along with her loving, nonjudgmental manner achieve remarkable results. By me becoming stronger emotionally, energetically, physically and healthfully his emotions actually calm and heal when he is home from college, instead of being rocked by all of the challenges our family has been dealt over the past 9 years with my health challenges, job losses and subsequent financial losses. Learn to direct Reiki healing energy through your hands to reduce stress and help bring a healing balance to yourself and others.
It is an effective stress-reducing technique that is used to bring about peace, contentment and increased energy.
I have used and still use several of their products as I feel they greatly help keep the energy of my home balanced on a daily basis. He is known globally for his ability to sense and remove etheric implants, as well as help people have greater ease with their own awakenings.
At that time she married a professional hockey player and, over a four-year period, began a series of moves related to his employment.

Awesome feelings of ecstasy and joy filled her being as, in an instant, all knowledge and truth was revealed to her. She was the first person Adriene empowered to attune others to the Christa Energy, and has been offering this service to others for over ten years. Tara believes that we, the children of the Creator, are here on Earth at this time to assist the Godhead and humanity in shifting the paradigm on Earth from pain, suffering, abuse and victimization ~ to love, empowerment, flow and abundance for all. I still remember when I explained to her the terrible dreams that I was having & she said that I am not a bad person. Reiki promotes healing, positive wellness and wholeness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
Their website also contains research on auras and the effect of EMF energies on our health.
This experience awakened within her deep memories of our divine nature and unity with the Almighty. Her role is to help empower and elevate all spiritual seekers to realize, connect and manifest more of their own divine nature, and to align with their personal power and soul’s mission. An attunement can give you many new tools to stay clear and centered even if times are turbulent. She said, “I know, I can tell by talking to you.” I realize today that I didn't truly believe that I was good back then.
Individuals who are ill as well as those who are healthy and want to stay that way will benefit from this healing practice. We believe, that the individual approach will assist our students to receive maximum knowledge and benefits from this class. He continues to question healing and what is possible such that others may benefit from his findings.
That profound experience propelled Tara to focus and study in-depth the attributes and qualities that propel one forward on the spiritual path. She is an avid reader who is continually striving to increase her knowledge and elevate her understanding. She said to me, “If you go and see Tara I won’t have to worry about you again because you can release your aggression and change your path.” So I set up an appointment for a Christa Healing with Tara.
I could have been in a totally different place then where I am today had I not chosen to heal, but I did. It can be used by itself or as a complementary therapy to any other healing or medical practices to speed and deepen the healing process.
It's because of her professionalism, personal coaching and commitment to helping me grow that I'm now in Colorado starting a new life.
It can help reduce the stress and negative side effects of medications, chemotherapy, and invasive procedures.
Would probably never have found my soul’s higher purpose or true calling or personal identity without all her love and support. I look at Tara and what she does for humanity and it just motivates me to want to do the same. The spiritual gifts and abilities are fun but the true motivation is giving back and helping others.

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