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No person, doctor or healer can guarantee to cure illness and our Code of Conduct forbids us to claim that a cure can be affected. Ask if he or she is a member of any healing association, ask for sight of their current membership identity card. Healers develop a concern for their patients and like to know if the healing has been successful. A brief account of your condition is recorded and progress reports are made at each subsequent visit, these records are confidential, and are accessible only to the patient and the healer.

You should continue to consult your doctor, and we would like you to mention that you are receiving healing. Old grievances, guilt complexes, resentments, fears or other harmful emotions can be the cause of ill health. Explain that it stimulates the natural self healing forces of the body and does not interfere with medical treatment.
Two further elements of the Code of Conduct relates specifically to the relationship between you and your doctor. The purpose is to aid health through balancing and harmonising mind, body and spirit, the three elements of your being. If you have problems of this nature, feel free to discuss them with your healer or the group leader.

1) The healer must always ask if you have consulted a doctor about your medical condition and formally advise you to do so if you have not.  2A) A healer is forbidden to diagnose or countermand the advise or medical treatment given by your G. You may feel warmth or coolness emanating from the healers hands a slight tingling or trembling, or nothing at all. At the end of the session you will hopefully be relaxed, more supple and have an easing of any pain.

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