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This site has been created by Linda and the contents of this website are protected by a Higher Power.
If you use content from my site without asking or giving credit you will have Karma and your conscious to answer to. Spiritual healing is not new, this has been practiced for thousands of years, and other forms of spiritual healing include Energy Medicine, Energy Therapy, Energy Healing, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch.
Another thing to keep in mind, when we use the word a€?Spirita€™ we are not solely talking about God and religious faith, in fact it is not required or one to have faith in order for spiritual healing to work. When a spiritual healer is being used the healing doesna€™t come just from their hands but it is a combination of their healing forces injunction with the spirit, or medium, of the healer. As with everything else in the medical area, if you do know that something is not right and you are continuing to get sick or feel pain and all forms of healing has not worked then the best thing to do is to see a doctor.A  But remember you are not alone out there and if you want more information if spiritual healing has helped others why not try some psychic chat rooms, there may be many other people out there having the same problems you are.
As a dedicated energy work practitioner, I offer my clients in-person healing sessions as well as distant healing by telephone. To learn more about healing sessions and the specific techniques I use in my practice, please see the links and information below.
Spiritual Healing is a healer that can channel healing energies into a person using nontraditional methods.
All one must have is trust in the healer and to be open to the possibilities in healing, having a positive attitude is stronger than you may believe.
The souls from the other side who assist with the healing, an energy you cannot see that is flowing through the healers hands and body to help heal the wounded. Distance healing involves sending the healing over a distance, directed by source and healing guides.

I also offer Chaldean Astrology chart readings that can help you understand yourself more and assist you in both your personal and spiritual healing and growth. I welcome your questions and feedback about anything I have here on my site and wish you a wonderful visit. Spiritual healing is to some the belief that religious faith can bring about healing through prayers or other rituals. If you go into a healing feeling negative about what is about to happen then you are closed from the possibilities, but if you go feeling positive it can work then you have a greater chance for the healing to work. These spiritual healers have an amazing gift that cana€™t be seen with the naked eye; they can feel where the pain is and have the ability to help heal it.
It works by the healer making a connection with the recipient and a healing intention sent out to the person or people.
To others spiritual healing is a person who allows him or herself to be used as a channel for the flow of healing light and energy. The sage looks at him without answering.The King repeats his question, but again the sage remains silent. Distance healing is especially utilised when the person is in hospital or unable to make the journey for a ‘hands on’ treatment. Benefits of Spiritual HealingIt has become clear that depression and other emotional disorders can cause a suppression of the body’s natural defences against illness and can be translated into being susceptible to a physical condition. Conditions such as ulcers, viruses, high blood pressure and tension headaches, to name a few, are symptomatic of stress and emotional imbalances. Spiritual healing can provide, balance and repair to the subtle energies and an energetic boost physical body of the individual. Free meditations, Energy exercises, Research & Courses My name is Paul Devenney and i am an intuitive healer & teacher.

It’s the kind of music that makes you feel safe and glad to be home, while you watch the rain out the window and think about all the places you’ve been and how they’re now a piece of home too. Born in the small village of Falkenhagen, he’s been wandering the globe, following his musical bliss for decades. In his beautiful, blessedly minimalist Spiritual Healing, Deuter creates emotionally cathartic magic with only a few sparse piano notes and breathing synth drones, patiently layering them, slowly and imperceptibly, to create vast sacred spaces for his flute to fly in, helping tracks like “Warm the New Dawn Sun” deliver the warmth its title implies with rolling melodies echo! The tracks on Spiritual Healing traverse a wide range of territory, as in the rolling beauty of “Lavender Fields,” while staying high enough in the clouds that you never really have to look down if you’re just in the mood to coast on your cloud and soak up the sun. In deep meditation, one can sometimes sense the great motion of stillness, the waking from the delusion of permanence to the feeling below your base chakra that you’re on a spinning globe orbiting a fireball as it rockets through nothingness.
Deuter’s music works to counter the dizziness this feeling can create, creating a countermotion, allowing us a final look back through the mirror. A mom rocking her child slowly to sleep creates the same countermovement effect, and the way Deuter’s music slows the pulse and gently coaxes our most sacred and vulnerable selves to come out and look around makes Spiritual Healing the next best thing to napping in the arms of a loving giant parent on a bench in the cosmic playground of the spirit, a place in which we are all still infants, resting up before the next leg of our unending journey upward.” MIDWEST RECORD“The veteran stress buster is at it again but he’s fattened up and broadened his sound to make that casual Amazon shopper know he’s still in business and still planning to be at the fore of the healing music genre.
With reiki and Santa Fe vistas dripping from the tracks, this tranquil take on adult chill goes the distance for anyone looking for massage or introspective music for those special and quiet times when only the right sounds will do.

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