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Hi, Plerase tell me how in CS5 in this tool I can change (Spot Healing Brush Tool Hard Round 19 1) which on default to my own brush type?
With the Spot Healing Brush Tool selected, look up at the top control bar and click on the brush down arrow.
Adjust the your brush settings to match her settings she hopefully showed you in the video. The healing brush works by looking at the pixels next to the damaged area and then repairs the image. You should see that the red line is gone and the image should much better, it's like magic! Now that you have fixed the line, it's time to do something about those people who are standing the way.
The video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. In this video tutorial, Michael shows us how to remove blemishes & smooth skin with Photoshop.
This tutorial was written using Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CS6) but the method should be similar across most versions of Photoshop. Start painting the skin areas in your image with the brush tool (this should already be selected as you selected the brush tool before entering quick mask mode). Once you have left quick mask mode you will notice your skin area has been traced out by the moving dots. Your skin area should now appear smooth although at this stage it could be a little too blurry.

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Both clone stamp tool and spot healing brush tool can help in removing the spot from the faces of any image. In this latest tutorial, Michael from SnapMarket shows us how to change eye color with Photoshop. It's time to switch gears and learn how incredibly useful Photoshop is when it comes to fixing up images and photographs. What you want to do is pick on a spot just above the red line, hold the shift key, and pick again just below the bottom of the line.
It will give you good practice at changing your tools size and figuring out how to select the best sample area. When you select the sample area, it helps to make your target area parallel to the sample area. It can be used to remove dust spots, telephone poles, and just about anything that you want out of the image. If you do not want to watch the video, you can find the complete instructions below the video. There are many different methods for removing blemishes and smoothing skin in Photoshop but this is just one of the more simpler techniques. To make the effect look more realistic, play around with the opacity of this layer until you get a good final result. Its nice to see you have shared a video version also here, it would be more helpful for all.

What the clone tool does is take one section of the image and clones (copy) it to another area. I'll usually use this over the healing brush as it gives me more control, but the healing brush can be quick.
You will notice the active color in your paint palette is black even though the paint is coming out red, this is normal. If the text version of the tutorial was hard to follow, please watch the video above and you can see the whole process unfold step by step. Put the tool over the person while holding the Alt key, this will change the curser to a bulls eye.
If you make a mistake and you want to erase some of the painted area, simply change your selected color to white and this will remove the red selection area that you have painted. These tools will be discussed in later tutorials in more detail, which will allow you to get some good hands-on knowledge. It can be handy to get the job started with the Healing Brush, then clean it up with the Clone Stamp.

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