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Disclosing your herpes virus condition to your partner is as important as taking medication to avoid it from spreading! It is well documented that herpes simplex virus affects millions of people around the world.
What makes knowing your herpes virus status difficult is the fact that, in some cases, the virus can be suppressed by the immune system to the extent where it may lay dormant without the infected person knowing it. For instance, if the test is positive for either one or both of the herpes viruses, how will you tell your partner? I bet the same dudes glorifying white girls probably haven't even smashed a bad white girl, ol i think i can *** dudes. This thread is absurd, I've been falling prey to women that are built like snorlax for years aint nobody was giving me props for it. Originally Posted by DCAllAmerican  Did this man Anton really say Tahira and Roseanne are practically the same size?
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It is estimated that around 80% of adults are infected with HSV-1(Oral Herpes), and around 20% are infected by HSV-2(Genital Herpes). Getting tested is important, but knowing your status also comes with some life changing choices. This is highly likely to affect the way you have genital or oral sex, or even how or when you kiss.
But, the most important consideration before telling your partner is for you to be comfortable with knowing you have the virus and have all the information on how you will prevent spreading it to your partner. This will allow you to get a sense of whether your partner is informed about their sexual health well-being. The only people that smash these women and are proud of it are usually other fat dudes or skinny, poor dudes from the projects. I mean Ron Jeremy and Big Pun aren't the same size, but I aint tryna make that distinction.
With 8 out of 10 people infected with the virus, it becomes critical for an infected person to inform their partner if they are infected with Herpes.

If your relationship is in its early stage, it is important to make sure that you trust your partner (and preferably, before sleeping with them) since this information is personal but affects both of you.
An informed partner will be easier to explain your herpes virus status than an uninformed partner who might require extensive education on the virus.
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