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I guess life has its own way of testing your faith, of what you truly believe or if you are strong enough to fight for what you think is right. But they say, what will happen, will happen and wherever you are, is right well where you are.
I guess the things that you believe and have faith into are usually the things that keep you sane in this crazy world. Because of this imperfect world, sometimes you are bound to experience health issues that can sweep you off your balance. Health disease can actually lessen your life span and can put your life in danger if not treated well or in the earlier onset of the disease. Gonorrhea prevention must be observed seriously if you want to have comfortable and less stress life.
Gonorrhea is actually on of the leading sexual problems that men experiences that if not treated right can lead to other complications. Men and women consider sexual activity as one of the important aspects of their lives.  Sometimes self-control is very much a hard thing to dwell upon given that sex is an expression of their feelings for each other. But come to think of it, having sexual contact with the person you barely know accompanies several risks. But if you still chose to have sex make sure to use condom during anal, oral or vaginal sex.
Remember that you cannot tell if a person has Gonorrhea or not by simply looking, given that Gonorrhea also comes with silent symptoms. If you noticed that your partner is showing some unusual symptoms like burning sensation during urination, sore genitals or some genital rashes, then it can be an indication of sexually transmitted infection. Marriage is a lifetime commitment with the person that you love whom you can share your dreams and aspirations with. For those who are sexually active, it would be better to have regular check-ups to make sure you are safe or are already infected with sexually transmitted disease. To stop the cycle of the disease it is very important that you follow up the treatment involved in treating Gonorrhea.
Some viruses and bacteria are very persistent or cannot be treated with a certain anti-biotic (for bacterial infection), some Doctor may request for bacterial culture to established what kind of bacteria infected your system. Strictly follow the advice of your Doctor, like taking the antibiotics for 7 days, 3 times a day is very crucial, to avoid re-medication. I believe that healthy lifestyle does not just impact one system in your body but also your overall health. Practice good hygiene some may not able to understand the importance of cleanliness but it has various effects to your body.

Juts know the things that are worth fighting for, and surely these above mentioned Gonorrhea Prevention tips can help you inhibit the danger of sexually transmitted infection. We hate spam just as much as you Signing you up! Access state-level data and information on the programs supported by CDC and state public health officials. Remember sitting in health class for that week during middle school or high school where they separated the boys and girls to talk about the dangers of sexual intercourse? Do You Have It? Probably not. According to the CDC, in 2010 only 24 cases were reported in the US. What Exactly Is It? An infection caused by a protozoan, which somehow seems grosser than a bacterial or viral infection. What Exactly Is It? The virus is usually transmitted through saliva, but adults can also get it by exchanging “other” bodily fluids, and generally it shows no symptoms. Do You Have It? Definitely, but it’s only a problem for people with very weak immune systems. What Exactly Is It? A virus that leaves red welts on the skin around the genitals and thighs. Do You Have It?  Probably not — only a few hundred thousand annual cases in the country — but you’ll know if you have it. What Exactly Is It? A mite in the same family as the spider (gah!) that burrows under the skin, causing intense night itching and small curly lines of rashes. Do You Have It?  Probably not, since it’s another one that is more common in developing nations.
Banana Balls: This STD can be contracted from kissing for more than 30 seconds and it afflicts only men.
So learn to see the importance of being safe because it can help you keep away from lots of troubles. It’s generally only found in developing countries…so be careful if you’re sampling the local flavors on those international vacations.
However, it may also be “substantially underdiagnosed.” So yeah, you may very well have it. Men rarely show symptoms (though a whole host of nasty things happen to women’s parts), and eight million Americans are infected with it every year. The growths can be removed with chemicals, freezing or electric current, as well as medication. It’s basically the evil twin of the bed bug: if you have it, your clothes have it, and your couches and anyone who’s touched any of that. You should never underestimate this disease since it can lead to death if you are late to take prevention, treatment, and cure.

Both are interconnected since the risk of having HIV is higher for the people who have STD. Some of them include syphilis, genital herpes, gonorrhea, chancre, genital ulcers, trichomoniasis, and scabies. Some of them include the severe itching in the genital area, genital burning, pain during intercourse, bad smelling on vagina, urinary infection, abnormal bleeding and many more.
They will experience several awful conditions like pain in the testicle or scrotum, genital rash from the penis, open sores on the genital area and pain when urinating. The transmission of the disease is not only by having sexual contact, but also from the open sores of the skin and from hypodermic needles. Evolution has noticed our appetite for humping and exploited it as one of the most effective ways of killing us, hurting us or just making us itchier.
While the disease does, in fact, make the testicles turn a bright and vivid yellow, the disease is actually named ‘Banana Balls’ for Cesar Bananas, the man who discovered it.
The disease can be contracted by: kissing, hugging, athletic butt slaps, ear play, lust, holding hands, eye contact or doing the E street shuffle.
Or if you’re a lazy ass, the bumps will eventually go away after a couple years on their own. We thought this was some medieval disease or something pirates got after weeks on the high seas.
You can define it as a disease which is transmitted to the body through the sexual contact. Those are sores on the mouth, rashes, arthritis, whit tongue, jaundice, swelling, and discharge from the anus.
Every year diseases mutate and combine to make newer and stronger strains of viruses and new STDs come out of nowhere. While the scientific name for this STD is Urine Picante, it gets its street name from the main symptom exhibited by people suffering from the disease: scalding hot pee. The disease kills 90% of the people who contract it by employing a deadly combination of Beatlemania, the vapors and fainting spells.
Eventually those nodules burst creating “open, fleshy, oozing lesions” and leaving the infected tissue mutilated, according to Wikipedia.

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