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Sexually transmitted diseases are those diseases that are passed on from one infected partner to another during vaginal, anal or oral sexual intercourse. While oral STDs can sometimes pass off unnoticed, there are some oral STDs that have characteristic symptoms.
A redness in the throat which is very similar to a strep throat. The infected person may experience pain and difficulty when swallowing. It is much easier to contract syphilis through vaginal and anal intercourse than through oral intercourse. The first symptom of oral syphilis is the presence of an open sore known as a ‘chancre’ that appears about three weeks after contact with an infected person.
Most females get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, including chlamydia, during their annual gynecological exams.
In order to recognize the symptoms of chlamydia, you should know that a fever is the most widespread symptom of the infection.
Then, pay attention to unusual vaginal discharge, especially if it is cloudy, watery or foul smelling. Meanwhile, ectopic pregnancies, as well as miscarriage and difficulty in conceiving are also symptoms of chlamydia infection, which has been untreated for a long time. Those women that regularly have sex with more than one partner at a time, as well as those who dona€™t know their partners well, are recommended to increase the frequency of screenings for sexually transmitted diseases a€“ for example, to every 3-6 months.
It is a good idea to decrease chances of receiving chlamydia by using a condom during every sexual intercourse. People shouldna€™t be afraid to ask new sexual partners whether they have been recently tested for sexually transmitted diseases or not. Finally, a chlamydia infection should never be left untreated, as it can lead to infertility, scarring the fallopian tubes, and sometimes be spread to the eyes, resulting in blindness. Cervicitis, which is an infection of the uterine cervix, is the most usual symptom of the chlamydia infection.
Actually, chlamydia is very dangerous for the Fallopian tubes and can lead to severe pelvic infection. Since infected females usually dona€™t have symptoms, the infection is frequently untreated and causes an extensive destruction of the Fallopian tubes, as well as fertility problems and tubal pregnancy. Like gonorrhea, chlamydial infection is associated with a high incidence of premature births.

Gonorrhea or the clap, refers to an extremely contagious sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a bacteria. In the case of an oral STD, the infection is usually transferred when it comes in contact with the mucus lining of the oral cavity. The symptoms are not limited to the oral cavity alone and may erupt on other parts of the bodies in the form of a rash or fever. While the symptoms are often noticed around the lips, they can also travel deep into the oral cavity. This is usually seen on the lips; however, it is not uncommon for it to appear on the tongue. Organ damage, blindness and even death is possible if the disease is allowed to progress to this stage. When it does occur, it is usually asymptomatic; however, when the disease presents with symptoms, the symptoms include a sore throat and flu-like symptoms such as fever, body pain and nausea. Thata€™s a great practice, because chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection affecting millions of Americans every year.
In case you experience a sudden onset of fever within 1-3 weeks after having intercourse, particularly with a new partner, you are recommended to get tested for chlamydia. In case you have vaginal bleeding outside of your menstrual period and are not ovulating, this can turn out to be a usual symptom of chlamydia infection. Although not 100% effective, ita€™s still the best defense for women that are sexually active outside of a monogamous relationship.
Ita€™s honest a€“ if you are going to have sex with someone, you do have a right to know if you are running a risk of becoming infected with chlamydia or other diseases. Although around 50% of women having chlamydial cervicitis dona€™t have symptoms, another 50% may experience abdominal pain or vaginal discharge.
Moreover, the baby can also acquire the chlamydial infection during passage through the infected birth canal, which can result in pneumonia or serious eye damage.
The clap is a nickname given to the treatment of clearing away the blockage inside the urethra due to gonorrhea plus, whereby the penis claps on both the sides at the same time. But when one looks at the larger picture, oral sex, like any other type of sexual intercourse, carries the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. When the infection spreads inside the mouth these sores can be seen on the gums and even on the tongue.

After the first phase, both the sores and the fever disappear but may appear again at a later stage.
If left untreated, the chancre disappears on its own and the disease progresses to the next stage. Meanwhile, infection of the urethra is frequently associated with chlamydial infection of the cervix. Among the symptoms of pelvic infection there are fever, abdominal pain, pelvic cramping, and pain during intercourse. Thata€™s why all newborns are treated with eye drops that contain antibiotic killing chlamydia bacteria. In short, female gonorrhea indicates thick discharge from the vagina of the female that might also affect the rectum, eyes, throat, skin, blood and joints. Females having infection of the urethra, also known as urethritis, show the common symptoms of a urinary tract infection, which includes pain when urinating and the frequent and urgent need to urinate. In its turn, pelvic infection causes difficulty in becoming pregnant, and sometimes sterility.
In fact, treatment of all newborn babies is routine due to the large number of infected females having no symptoms and the dire consequences of eye infection to the baby. It basically spreads by way of semen in case of unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner. The symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease include pain during sexual intercourse, abdominal pain, and pain in the lower back.
Sometimes, when the infection is quite severe, an area of infection may need major surgery to save life. An early treatment includes intake of antibiotics only, including Cipro®, Levaquin® and Tequin®, a single dose of each.

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