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Zoosk is a relative newcomer to the online dating space, but they’ve already made their mark with a huge user base and interesting features.
Zoosk’s initial sign-up process is very simple, only requiring an email address, or even a login option through Facebook. I love that you have the option to sign up with your Facebook profile — it makes things much easier. Search your matches on Zoosk by the basics (age, location) or something more specific, like living habits. As mentioned earlier, Zoosk isn’t a completely free service, so if you do want a full experience, you have the option to subscribe.
We’ve signed up, browsed profiles, sent winks and answered emails all in the hope of trying to find out which dating websites are the best in the UK. So we’ve stuck to the most popular internet dating sites and rated them on areas such as profiles, searching, design, popularity and value for money.
In our dating site reviews we’ve made sure to try out the free version of each sites before trying the paid version too.
We’ve also listed the full range of membership fees for each site so you can compare the leading dating site prices and decide which website will best suit your needs. Check out our full dating site reviews to see every site we’ve reviewed and you can also filter your results to your needs.
The site promised lots of good things and best services but all I got were disappointments.
There was a certain review I?ve read that changed my mind and decided not to continue my registration. I already got fed up with dating sites because all of the sites I tried were all the same, all of them were scammers. If I?ll be given chance to rate this online dating site, I?ll give it a perfect score for being the best scammer of all times.
I got interested on this dating site because it says that it?s easy to get someone to get laid. I?ve been into dating sites like this before so I?m already comfortable putting my personal information in my profile.
At first, I really thought that this is not a scam until I found out that indeed it?s a SCAM. The best way to test an online dating site if its scam or not is to create two accounts and if you receive same set of email invites it means that the dating site is full of dummy account being ran by the admin itself. I conducted I little survey just amongst my 10 friends, I asked them to create an account on 3 online dating sites and rate them. All of the reviews state that this online crap dating site is a scam; I don?t know what else I could use to best describe this dating site. At first I thought that its just fine to sign up for this dating site cause it for free but when they asked me to register my credit card as part of registration I had second thoughts already of doing so. If you?re thinking of creating a test account just for fun then don?t bother doing so because your profile will just end up being assigned to a dummy account in the end.

Online dating is new to me because of curiosity I tried it cause I think there is no harm in trying. You really can?t get anything in comparison on different dating sites because all of them are the same. A lot of my friends say that this is not a good site and it is a scam but just to try it out I signed up.
Finding your perfect match is now made faster and easier with ZooskDating's matchmaking feature.
Dating is not just in its end finding your partner but undergoing the process and connecting to single people.
Be part of our community and find out why ZooskDating is simply the best choice for online dating! Otherwise, you can opt to fill out the icebreakers sections on your profile to help a potential match start a conversation with you. Zoosk offers users SMS alerts, as well as mobile applications for iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. This should give you an better idea of what you’re getting yourself in for before parting with your cash for a full membership. This online dating site is nothing in comparison to the 2 last dating sites that I?ve tried.
The post says that this dating match site was the worst of all because there were instances that after u paid you subscription your account will be deleted. There was an instance that I cancelled one of my accounts and I got a confirmation about the process but a month later I just found out that they are still charging me on my credit card which is not good.
All they do is ask you to shell out money and more money and have you wait for forever to get a date. To check if it?s true I signed up for an account after 2 days I got a reply from a brunet so somehow what they are saying is true.
Never thought that this will happen, a day after I created my account I got blocked and the next thing that happen was that someone is already using my profile. Most members’ reviews were all about frustrations of being part of it and regrets that they decided to take part on this dating match up.
I was so shocked to see another profile with all my personal information except for the address.
Better not indulge yourself to this kind of sites if you don?t want to feel sorry in the end. Not only I’m upset but totally delirious about charges that appeared in my billing statement. Well I guess online dating sites are for desperate men who want to be fooled and ripped off. The site itself is so hard to navigate, not very user friendly for old people like me so I decided to end it. Yeah they were correct, I shouldn?t have wasted my time and effort on checking on this online dating site.

I?ve been joining online dating sites for the past 3 years already I find this the worst ever that can give you nightmares. Access more than 10 millions of profiles of single individuals using ZooskDating's unique technology. Unlike other dating sites where you have to fill out lengthy questionnaires, this feature finds the most suitable pair based on the members's behavior and personal preferences.
With Zoosk free dating, it is now much easier for you to start chatting and get to know a person. You have the choice to manually fill out your favorite music, books, and movies, but for the TV, games, and sports section, you’re only able to connect with your Facebook profile to fill in the blanks. If you’re good at sending creative emails, you should expect to get 1 date for every 25 emails sent on average. Even if you are a great guy, attractive, and send some excellent emails, you might go unnoticed. It took me 7 months to realize that I?ve already spent a lot and the dating site was not giving me something in return.
Let?s stop this scammer and don?t let them use you, don?t be deceived by their sweet promises cause none of them are true.
It?s just disappointing that when I finally set up a meet up, I found out that HE is a brunet.
I can?t do any comparison to other online dating site because I haven?t found any good dating match up sites. Well here’s the thing, the next day I just found out that they charged me for nothing. Good thing I never signed up for this along with my buddy, if I did ill end up like him got very disappointed and frustrated. The site is free to try, and you’re able to browse and send introductory flirts and messages to users without a subscription.
So if you’re only getting 1 email replied to out of 6, you’ll need to send out at least 150 emails to get a date – if you’re lucky. No matter how busy you are or whether you are outside of the home, you can still access the Zoosk dating platform. Even if you’re the best looking guy in the bar and smooth as hell, that doesn’t mean you’re walking out of there with a girl.
With the highly touted number #1 dating site today, you can easily browse profiles, chat and meet the person of your dreams.
However, you’ll find nothing but perverts and childish men with very little going for them in life.

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