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Sexually transmitted diseases, also known as sexually transmitted infections, can be a touchy subject. If you’re living in or near Miami, Florida, you may use this page to locate a nearby testing center for your STD screening.
LoveToKnow has created three free printable clerical skill assessments for you to download and use. Since clerical employees typically engage in face-to-face and written communication on behalf of their employers, grammar skills are essential for career success. Clerical employees are often responsible for proofing letters, proposals and other business documents, so being able to proofread and make corrections is just as important as having solid grammar skills. Brainbench - Well-known testing company Brainbench offers a number of no-cost skill assessment exams at any given time. CTS Computer Learning Center - CTS is a Philadelphia-based training company that offers free computer skill assessments on its website.
If you are looking for a new job, using these free clerical skill assessment resources can help you determine your current skill level so that you can make wise choices about what types of jobs to seek, as well as to make decisions about what type of career training or professional certifications you should consider pursuing in order to accomplish your employment goals.

These types of tests typically have several components, including language, math and computer software skills, as well as typing speed. Simply click the images below and download the printable clerical tests to use for practice - or to administer to applicants you are considering hiring.
This quiz covers some of the most common grammatical mistakes in examples relevant to a professional environment. This printable test covers common workplace situations requiring math skills that clerical employees might face. Tests designed to determine whether or not someone has the ability to use specific computer applications should be hands-on performance tests designed to assess skill. However, available free exam offerings change regularly, as they are made possible through sponsorships and beta-testing opportunities.
If you want to set up blocks of tests, there is a fee, but there is no charge for individual exams. If you are an employer who is seeking to hire a new clerical staff member, these tests can provide you with a way to determine what skills the candidates you are considering have to offer.

You should know that STDs are far more common than you think, many can be cured, and those that cannot be cured can be well managed with the help of your doctor. Whether you are an employer who needs to add a clerical employee to your staff or an individual who is in the process of applying for this type of job, the sample tests presented here can be very helpful.
It's not a sufficient exam for accounting or bookkeeping positions, but can help you make sure that you - or the person you are considering hiring - is ready for basic office situations requiring math.
While many of these types of tests are fee-based, there are a few no-cost online resources for assessments.
While you can't count on always being able to find the types of tests that you need on this site, it's a good resource to check any time you are searching for no-cost computer skill tests. Of course, this all depends on how quickly you are diagnosed and begin treatment, and that is why it’s so important to get tested.

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