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In the below code, I have an associative array which contains the letters of the alphabet as keys and an arbitrary value associated with them. I did some research and wasn't able to find anything but if this is a duplicate please let me know. I am trying to complete an assignment for my C++ programming course, and I am stuck at a very specific point.
How to use binary search algorithm to find maximum value of ((sum of any continuous subarray) % m)? Given an array of size N and an element M, we need to find the maximum value for (sum of any continuous subarray) % M using binary search algorithm? Where should I put the 'return m' statement in order to return the position of element in the following binary search function?

This code is appearing to give me an error to my arguments i don't know what i have done wrong in this code. If I had an array of integers with 1000 elements, what would be the fastest way to find a specific element's index? I was asked to write a search inventory function that will search the vector made based on its model, and return to the user, its index position.
I need to read in a users input for the charge number and compare it to the account numbers array.

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