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Rencently published paper titled DNA barcoding detects contamination and substitution in North American herbal products. The researchers bought 44 different herbal products from 12 companies altogether containing 30 different herbs. Contamination The product contains other herbs in addition to the one in the label – note that all the products were supposed to only contain a single herb. Substitution The product didn’t contain any of the labeled herb but contained some other herb(s).
Source: DNA barcoding detects contamination and substitution in North American herbal products.
In 32% of the tested products the labeled herb was substituted another herb, presumably a cheaper one. It’s likely that due to processing the DNA fingerprinting technique could not identify the herbs in all the cases. Besides the various errors and misleading quotes, perhaps most problematic aspect of the paper is the fact that there is already a rich literature that demonstrates that quality of herbal products is a real issue.
In other words, yes, we know there are problems with herbal products and supplements and you didn’t tell us anything new.
When I’m asked for supplement recommendations, or my opinion of a particular supplement, I often say that giving such recommendations is difficult.

The supplement and herbal products industry is so poorly regulated that just about anyone can set up a shop manufacturing and selling supplements. The industry is of course happy to flame such sentiments since the current legislation allows them to avoid costly testing and authentication. For someone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, it’s not thrilling to know that supplements could contain undisclosed wheat.
Without imposing stricter regulation on supplement companies, I don’t see any solution to this problems. As you probably know, I advocate smart supplementation as part of your acne treatment program. The products were bought from mainstream supermarkets, health food stores and pharmacies in Toronto, Canada.
DNA fingerprinting means searching for strands of DNA and then matching those strands to known sources.
In some cases the herb in the bottle was linked to significant side-effects, potentially putting people taking the product into danger. Note that this figure also includes legitimate use of fillers, when they are used in addition of the main ingredient.
If no one holds them accountable, it’s only natural they would substitute more expensive herbs with fillers and cheaper herbs.

And make no mistake, the supplement business is big business, to the tune of $30 Billion per year. I can promise that in 10 minutes (the time it takes you to read the next 2 articles) acne finally starts making sense - and you know how to boot it out of your life. I do my best to use credible sources, but medical research is complex and I can't guarantee the information on this site is error-free.
Studies have indeed shown antioxidants can be good for the skin, and that certain herbs can correct hormonal problems linked to acne. The study only tested for 3 fillers (rice, wheat, soybean), so this figure doesn’t include products that used other fillers. This study only sampled a few products per company, and we can’t make generalised conclusions of the companies based on such a limited sample. I presume that the vast majority of supplement companies don’t actually produce their own products.

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