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Eye Plastic surgeons, also known as Oculoplastic or Oculo-Facial surgeons are ophthalmologists who have completed extensive post-residency training in this unique sub-specialty. Our site provides in-depth education about cosmetic eyelid surgery by oculoplastic (oculofacial, oculo-facial) trained ophthalmologists (surgeons) skilled in performing eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, facial plastic surgery. The training involves plastic and reconstructive surgery of the periorbital and facial tissues including eyelids & eyebrows, cheeks, orbit, and lacrimal (tear) system.

Using the  LOCATE an MD button you can locate an oculofacial surgeon (oculo-facial surgeon) also referred to as an oculoplastics surgeon or cosmetic eyelid surgeon or oculoplastic oculo-facial surgeon. Plastic surgery is surgery performed by a surgeon that molds or reconstructs parts of the human body. Since such surgery can affect one's ability to see, ophthalmic plastic surgeons, oculofacial or oculo-facial are best qualified to perform this delicate eyelid or facial surgery and also provide any care that the eye itself may need.

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