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Gonorrhea or the clap, refers to an extremely contagious sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a bacteria. The incurable, deadly virus is, however, alarming fishing communities in Europe, where oyster herpes seems to be spreadinga€”and could go on spreading as seas continue to warm, experts say. In July lab testing of farmed oysters detected the first known United Kingdom cases of herpes in the shellfish. The reason for oyster herpes's emergence in Pacific oysters off England remains a mystery, though global warming may have played a part, experts speculate. A new strain named Ostreid herpesvirus 1 (OsHV-1) I?var (mew-var), the virus remains dormant until water temperatures exceed 16 C [61 degrees F], which U.K. Though all herpes strains are DNA-based viruses, herpes, which infects everything from cows to clams to monkeys, comes in a wide variety of species, each with their own unique set of symptoms.
Ostreid herpes viruses are known to affect not only oysters but also clams, scallops, and other mollusks, according to Renault. Herpes-infected shellfish aren't new to science, but in 2008a€”the first year a huge increase in mortality rates was detected in Francea€”Ifremer detected a new variation of the virus.
Like the other strains of herpes that affect mollusks, OsHV-1 I?var attacks young oysters during breeding season, when the mollusks' bodies are so focused on producing sperm and eggs that the oysters have no energy to maintain an immune system, Renault said.

That death rate is the only outward sign something's wrong, he added, because a oyster herpes have no visible symptoms, and diagnosis is possible only through lab testing. Though oyster herpes can't be transmitted to humans, it does threaten the fishing industry, since dead oysters are unsafe for eatinga€”and that's exactly what worries oyster harvesters such as Seasalter Shellfish. Based in the southeastern English city of Whitstable, where oysters have been harvested for centuries, Seasalter this summer became the first company to discover the herpes-ravaged oysters in the U.K. The finding prompted an investigation by the Fish Health Inspectorate, which detected the virus and learned that Seasalter had employed equipment previously used in France to refurbish oyster beds. No matter what measures are taken, Denham said, oyster herpes is going to be tough to kick. The clap is a nickname given to the treatment of clearing away the blockage inside the urethra due to gonorrhea plus, whereby the penis claps on both the sides at the same time. The virus has already killed between 20 to 100 percent of breeding Pacific oysters in some French beds in 2008, 2009, and 2010, according to the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer).
Among humans, perhaps the best known forms are the Herpes simplex viruses, which are spread through close contact and can manifest themselves as oral and genital blisters. If sea temperatures continue to rise, he said, perhaps I?var or something like it could emerge in U.S.

Le plus frequent, herpes oro-facial, se manifeste par le "bouton de fievre".L'herpes peut se situer au niveau de la bouche (photo), autour des narines, a l'interieur de la bouche, au fond de la gorge, sur les gencives, sur les joues, sur le front, sur l'appareil genital ou encore sur les yeux. In short, female gonorrhea indicates thick discharge from the vagina of the female that might also affect the rectum, eyes, throat, skin, blood and joints.
Possible culprits also include other reused equipment or water transferred from an infected area.
It basically spreads by way of semen in case of unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner. An early treatment includes intake of antibiotics only, including Cipro®, Levaquin® and Tequin®, a single dose of each.
La personne porteuse contamine une autre partie de son corps par l'intermédiaire de la main. Des traitements locaux, dont des antiviraux (contenant de l'aciclovir), sont disponibles sans ordonnance.

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