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Okay, I know you might not be as excited as I am about this, but I’ve been waiting weeks to get a plant. What started as a chance encounter on Facebook in early 2010, ended in a big, beautiful, Hindu wedding ceremony in June of 2015. This afternoon, when DN came home from brunch, I expressed my desire for a plant to take care of… Again. DN mentioned that he knew where to find one, but he would have to travel quite a distance and he was feeling very tired. I’m a little disappointed, but DN and I are collecting recipes to prepare for when I am able to begin the challenge.

Now married, Crystal spends her time blogging about her adventures, and shares her tips and tricks with the world.
I reminded him that a man that sells plants on the back of his wagon comes down our street every day!
I found myself in a cleaning mood, after spending my morning reading My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy by Grace from Texan in Tokyo.
I waited for DN just outside the door and we went out together, to take a look at the plants.
There were many different plants, and they were all beautiful, but I knew which plant I wanted, when I saw it… The Yellow Marigolds!

The plant man used his tools to transfer the marigold from its plastic container into its new clay pot.

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