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Along with these conventional treatment options, you can try some simple home remedies and self-care measures to relieve the symptoms. Herpes simplex virus 2 is the main reason for causing painful infection on the fingers which is called as herpetic whitlow. People who are frequently in contact with HSV type of virus at workplace are at constant risk of getting herpetic whitlow. Treatment is given initially for removing the symptoms of inflammation and pain on the fingers. After complete recovery, the virus may still remain dormant on the person and move to peripheral ganglia. The active phase may last for 2-21 days; while in remission phase, the sores may disappear completely.
Following the chickenpox infection, the virus may remain in the body in the dormant condition.
Keep the lesions clean and avoid touching them frequently in order to prevent spread of infection. Extreme tiredness and reduced physical sensation in the finger is the major sign of this disease. Group of individuals working as doctors, nurses and in beauty salons belong to this category. People who are exposed to virus in workplace and those who are following poor hygiene in toilet are prone to get this infection. Further he may ask you about the history of workplace or your habit of using public toilets. Acyclovir is prescribed either orally or as topical cream which can provide great relief to reduce the symptoms.

It may recur second time but the symptoms are not that severe and the infection will settle in few days.
The most common types of herpes infection are oral herpes (also referred to as cold sores), herpes zoster, genital herpes and herpetic whitlow or herpes on hands. The health care workers should wear protective clothing like masks, gloves, gowns and eye shields when dealing with patient. There would be considerable pain with swelling of fingers and predominantly it affects index finger and thumb. Blisters will be formed at the end of 7-10 days and the lymph nodes below the armpit become unusually tender. If a woman engages sexually with her partner having infection on his genitals then she has increased chance of getting the same infection. Individuals who are affected with herpes lesions and herpes labialis are at the risk of getting herpetic whitlow due to auto-inoculation. He would collect few drops of liquid from the lesions and perform viral culture test or Tzanck test for identifying the virus. The purpose of taking this drug is to prevent inoculation of spreading this infection orally or transmitting the infection to others.
Since this infection is highly contagious, the virus may get transmitted through skin contact.
Since the infection often spread through fingers, it is necessary to educate children to wash their hands after using toilet and before eating food. People affected with autoimmune disorders like HIV, cancer etc have increased chance of getting infected. These drugs are effective in preventing complications and decrease the rate of transmission.

This infection is characterized by the symptoms like appearance of painful lesions on the hands, fingers and fingernails area. During the next stage of herpes infection, clustered blisters with red base appear on the affected finger. The chance of getting infection is more in workers who work in atmosphere prone to waste materials or genital secretions.
It would be difficult to carry on daily routine in using the fingers for writing or holding anything.
Health care professionals, especially dentists who touch the infected lesion in patient’s mouth, are at a greater risk of getting herpes infection. This is accompanied by other symptoms like fever, swollen lymph nodes in the elbow or in the underarm area. You can observe the group of lesions or bumps present in the fingers which is filled with pus like fluid. Apart from antiviral medicines the infected person will be given Ibuprofen for tolerating pain. Babies and children with primary oral herpes may also get herpes on hands, as they show tendency to suck their fingers.
Since HSV virus easily infects people who does not follow hygiene in toilet training children are prone to get this infection easily.
However, in some cases, recurrence may occur due to the triggers like stress, trauma, sun exposure and hormonal changes.

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