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FuturEnergy’s new Tower Kit for its 1KW wind turbine, uses easily installed ground anchors, rather than a concrete base, making installation simple and allowing the turbine to be relocated if necessary in the future.
For consumers who don’t have the skills of tradespeople, but want to ‘have a go’ – a section on-site called ‘Tommy’s Trade Secrets’ provides a portfolio of video diaries by Tommy and his friends undertaking DIY tasks. Tommy’s Deals is another section on the site, this time dedicated to bestsellers and deals of the week and is categorised by hand-tools, powertools, work-wear and materials. In addition to listing the products of the UK’s larger and more well-known merchants including B&Q, Screwfix and Wickes, smaller independents are also included, providing an important balance of materials, tools and prices, from brands such as Makita and Ryobi.
The versatility and functionality of wall sconces makes them a popular lighting format; in a period property.
The dilemma is how to integrate the lighting with the soft furnishings and furniture, whilst being sympathetic to the architecture of the property.
The Restoration sconces: two wall sconces featuring the lavish decorative influences of the French Court of the late 17th century.
Focus DIY has launched Assisted Living – a range of practical gadgets and tools ergonomically designed to make life easier. The 22 strong product range will help avoid strains and injuries, when tackling everyday tasks that just aren’t as easy as maybe they used to be. Garden on a Roll® offers to bring an attractive garden border within the reach of every household. It eliminates the need to research suitable plants for your garden and as close to providing an instant garden as possible. Louis Poulsen is still producing one of Verner Panton’s greatest successes, Panthella – a lamp, which has achieved a cult-like status and fits right in with the retro trend. Panthella is a reflection of the organic mode of expression, which is so characteristic for Verner Panton. With energy prices soaring and temperatures plummeting this winter, now is the perfect time to wise up on the most cost effective changes you could be making within the home. If you are looking to re-create the elegant glamour of yester-year, as seen in the new BBC dramatisation of Upstairs Downstairs, then these opulent ceiling lights from The Chandelier and Mirror Company will be right up your street. The Zagir in our picture is a large twenty-one-light gold and Egyptian crystal chandelier that would not have been amiss in the foyer of Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes Holland’s home at 165 Eaton Place.
Dremel, the best-selling multi-tool supplier, has launched a Modular Accessory System of five different kits. Each of the five kits is unique in its contents and comes with internal dividers to create separate compartments for organised storage. The New Year may mean a whole host of New Year’s resolutions for many of us, but it can also mean the start of a series of positive changes to others.

To encourage you to stick to your promises, why not ring-in the changes to create a renewed energy in your home? Photo Credit: Misa Me PhotographySince becoming a mom, I sometimes feel that I have neglected to be a very good friend. Cantifix the leading specialists in structural glazing and complex glass structures, has incorporated the ‘intelligent’ Blink Glass technology into their comprehensive range. The unique glass laminate contains liquid crystal polymers, inserted between two panes of glass, which is connected to an electric current.
There follows a ten-step guide, to help you make some simple changes to your home and implement more energy efficient practices, to reduce your CO2 output. Following the success of Pilkington Activ™ and Pilkington Activ™ Blue, the maker of the world’s first self-cleaning glass has extended its range to include another product, specifically designed to help keep conservatories clean and cool all year round. Pilkington Activ™ Neutral is a revolutionary new double-coated glass that combines dual-action, self-cleaning properties with solar control performance and is perfect for use in glass extensions and conservatory roofs and windows. Pilkington, developers of the world’s first self-cleaning glass are launching a new glass called energiKare, which will help home-owners reduce fuel bills and their carbon footprint. The cane frames are in a nutmeg stain and the foam-filled upholstery provides comfortable support; the sand colour 100% polyester fabric is treated with a stain repellent, however the cushion covers are also removable for dry cleaning. Pilkington-UK, working with leading interiors stylist Alison Davidson, has devised some invaluable tips for you to create a seamless link between house and garden and maximise the use of your conservatory throughout the year.
By making clever use of garden features and by using furnishings to mirror the colours in your garden, you can easily take the inside out for the summer. Installing Pilkington Activ™ glass ensures that you’ll get a clear view through your windows even after the heaviest downpour and by adding Pilkington Activ™ Blue, you can also prevent heat build up in your conservatory. Recent studies have shown that installing a self-cleaning glass, such as Pilkington ActivTM, in windows and conservatories is ten times more environmentally friendly than using regular glass. Independent research compiled by BRE (Building Research Establishment) demonstrates that the self-cleaning properties of Pilkington ActivTM, offer a number of environmental benefits by reducing quantity of resources, including water, energy and cleaning agents, required for cleaning through the year and throughout the life of the windows.
Jayne and Graham Wren moved to their 19th century crofter’s cottage in Yorkshire eight years ago, as it seemed to them an ideal environment to bring up a family.
Although the cottage was roomy enough for the couple to begin with, they went on to have three children and in 2003 decided more space was needed and embarked on an extension for the cottage. This resulted in the loss of a playroom, so to address this and bring more light into the cottage, a conservatory was agreed as the ideal solution. So in order to make the most of both the view and the window, they now make roller blinds in almost any size. Since it’s neither practical nor possible to operate such a large roller blind by hand, Silent Gliss have provided the perfect solution with their electrically operated roller blind system 4860.

All too often conservatories lie empty in winter, as people believe they can only be used during the summer months.
Encourage your family members to support eco-friendly companies, services, shopping malls, cafes, and other institutions that are very active in helping to save the earth from massive destruction brought about by global warming. The footage provides helpful hints and tips and advises about the necessary material and tool requirements. It is ideal for those with no gardening skills, no plant knowledge and no desire or time for gardening.
I recently wrote about what a plant can do for a room, but the next simple thing you can do to change the atmosphere and feeling of a room is though lighting.There are so many things you can do with different types of lighting arrangements. It was originally a semi-detached building, which had been previously converted into a single cottage. The Wrens’ conservatory was designed using powder-coated aluminium on the outside and ash hardwood on the inside, giving it all the benefits of aluminium and the beauty of wood.
Starting from your light bulbs, electric fan, airconditioner, refrigerator and so on and so forth, you can opt to buy the ones that helps you save electricity. The best way to educate our children in caring for their environment is by showing them a good example. By the use of different tones of white light as well as coloured bulbs, it's easy to create the setting of a room that you want. If you are not creative enough to make something useful from your old stuff seating in corner, you can always throw it on the recycling bins nearest you, donate them to charitable institutions or sell them at flea markets.
There so many companies around the world nowadays that can help us maintain a green lifestyle without burning our pockets.
By the use of different type of bulbs as well, and different strengths of light, you target different needs of different rooms.
You will not only help save the earth, you will also save a lot of money by means of less energy consumption which equals to lesser monthly electric bill. Make flea markets your best friend and buy slightly used items which are almost as good as the new ones. Mother Earth will thank you immensely for contributing to save the environment and your pocket will be grateful to you for saving money for your needs rather than your wants. Coloured cords is also a favourite, as well as built in spot lights in kitchen and living areas.

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