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New eco tyre from Michelin has lower rolling resistance than its predecessor Michelin tyres have a reputation for offering strong economy, and the latest is set to build on this. The Energy Saver+ costs the same as the old Energy Saver tyre, but Michelin says its more advanced compound reduces heat build-up, which in turn helps lower rolling resistance. The 16-inch version of the tyre has a 10 per cent larger footprint than the old Energy Saver, giving significantly better grip. Michelin also claims the Energy Saver+ is durable, while prices start from around ?50 for the smallest 14-inch tyre.

For more breaking car news and reviews, subscribe to Auto Express - available as a weekly magazine and on your iPad. Produsele SVI integrate in instalatiile pe gaz sunt agreate CNCIR (ISCIR) fiind totodata agreate si in UE (vezi simbolul CE + certificarea).
As a result, in the new European tyre label tests, it scores an A for wet braking and a B for rolling resistance.
There are an additional 57 sizes for wheels up to and including 16 inches in diameter, which should cover most family hatchbacks and saloons.

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