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Nancy Green: Time to walk my lazy self down to the post office to mail a check to RI Future.
Combining our thought leadership with the strengths of our partners to enhance and expand the business and technology offerings available to our clients. Join CSC at events with our Global partners to see how we focus on providing best-of-breed, next-gen and proven solutions to customers.
The innovative Trafford Care co-ordination centre could evolve into a model for the provision and management of population health. Organizations understand the power of digital transformation, but many don’t know where to begin. Companies see digital disruption as the foundation on which to build new business strategies.

Biometrics has already revolutionized authentication, but its future lies in improving the user experience. Cloud technologies can free companies from dependence on a single vendor, if implemented the right way. CSC's Testing Services portfolio constitutes an optimal mix of traditional and next generation solutions to test software, applications and infrastructure for our clients across industry verticals. Enterprises today are trying to discover innovative ways to curtail their software testing cost.
CSC's Testing Services help address your software testing requirements through all phases of development and management of your applications. At the same time, they desire for more efficient test strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, minimize business risk and meet industry standards and compliance guidelines.

As a thought leader and innovator in the software testing industry, CSC’s decades of software testing experience and investment in emerging technologies helps enterprises adopt a holistic approach towards fixing the core issues in their software products, applications and systems. We add value at each phase of IT system development and management leading to enhancing application quality, reducing time to market and lowering total cost of ownership.

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