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Cold sores usually get worse during times of reduced immune function, which can be caused by stress. Since the body needs and produces Arginine it isn’t feasible to completely eliminate it. Another little known fact is that capsules of Lysine are actually Lysine powder contained in an Arginine shell. There have been studies, I can’t find the references currently, that have proven that the HSV both type 1 (cold sores) and type 2 (genital herpes) require the amino acid Arinine to replicate.
No post I write is never the final word on a supplement and I’m glad you took the time to add to the information! Thus, one might expect cold sore flair ups to occur following stressful and grueling athletic events like running a marathon or even a bodybuilding competition.

By supplementing Lysine one is simply reducing the amount of excess Arginine the body produces and absorbs. For anyone looking to supplement Lysine for the reason of reducing Arginine due to HSV, tablets are the best bet; however, some tablets still contain gelatin. Lysine seems to reduce cold sores by blocking or reducing the ability of the virus to use the amino acid arginine, also known as L arginine. What we can say for now is that those who get frequent cold sores might want to limit foods that contain arginine while they use lysine supplements. But, there is another twist to this story that most people have never heard of  – and it concerns another popular amino acid. Just as L lysine seems to reduce cold sores, it also appears that arginine might contribute to cold sores.

Several studies have found that lysine appears to decrease flair ups of cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus.
Thus, to get the best results from lysine supplements, it should be combined with a diet low in arginine.

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