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The Fabulous Woman Project provides an online holistic lifestyle hub for women to explore their full potential through wellbeing.
Was this always the way or was there an epiphany or turning point when you decided to jump outside?
I think the epiphany came for me when a business coach took me through The Perfect Day exercise nearly 2 years ago… the life I was living was so far removed from what I truly wanted I knew I had to start making changes.
For my business I had the idea for my online program for over 2 years, once I had completed 6 months of my Institute of Integrative Nutrition course I knew I had everything I needed to create it.
Imagine, if you will, that you had not taken a leap to live out of the box, what are the most precious things you would have missed in your journey? Making the move to the country and into a business I love has given me so much space and peace in my life. Stepping back and slowing down is the best thing I’ve done in my own life and I see so many women who need to slow down but they fight it! Today’s modern woman needs to take back ownership of her time and live her life on her terms.
I’m super organised and have mastered batching my time which definitely helps when you have short working days. And lastly: words of wisdom for someone else thinking of taking a big leap but not sure they will be okay jumping out of their box: ready, set, go! The program provides support to women along their journey offering support from leading experts in health and wellness.

Making a sea and tree change away from the city was a huge move for our family and having the space around me really enabled me to get clear on my business idea.
I have structured my business around my online wellness program, The Fabulous Woman Project, so that I have less demands on when I have to be working. I had taken a month off after we moved to our new home in the country to have some space after selling my old business which was exactly what I needed for the creativity to flow. I get to spend a lot more time with my children and be there for them when they have school functions or need to stay home sick. I truly believe that the space we created in our personal life led to the breakthroughs I’ve had in my business.
It takes a lot to stress me out, I’m very positively minded and I definitely think that helps to cope with the highs and lows of having an online business.
She was one of my first clients when I started out as a designer and she is definitely a lovely person to interact with, even if that was only through emails! The moment I received the first sale for my program is one I will never forget… I knew I was on the right path!
Demonstrated expertise in program coordination, community and volunteer outreach, and event planning.
The reality is that the worst thing that could happen to you may just be a whole lot better than where you are right now. During launches I might work more in the evenings but I am very protective of my energy levels so I know when to pull back.

Possesses an impressive ability to adapt to and master new tasks and skills; particularly effective in multi-cultural environments. I always try to keep Mondays and Fridays flexible so that I can have down time if I need it. Responsibilities include formatting monthly newsletters for the International Women's Club on Constant Contact.
Played a crucial role in coordinating the 2011 Direct Mail Campaign which raised over $37,000. Responded to client queries regarding the services of the Job Search and Entrepreneurship departments. Assessed clinical needs for clients in crisis and provided immediate counsel over the phone. Conducted confidential intake of clients’ psychological, emotional and physical state in regards to their request for counseling services, in both English and French.

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