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Tampa General Hospital chaplain Eileen Weber uses a therapeutic touch technique on cardiac patient Kari Patton.
TAMPA -- Eileen Weber's hands scan the air above the hospital patient's body, gently, rhythmically, like a metal detector over soft sand. She sweeps a few inches above the woman's head, down her body, all the way to her toes, feeling for an energy field.
The patient, 32-year-old Kari Patton, has been ailing as she waits in Tampa General Hospital for a heart transplant. Weber is practicing a controversial form of faith therapy called therapeutic touch, which claims to temporarily rid the body of pain and discomfort through the shifting of energy. While therapeutic touch has its critics, it is now taught in many nursing programs and offered at more than 70 hospitals nationwide, including Tampa General and South Florida Baptist in Plant City.
Therapeutic touch is based on the concept that all matter is energy, and ailments throw the energy out of balance.
But Patton said that her aches and anxiety soon were disappearing with each session, and she was even falling asleep before Weber could finish. She said she bought 10 orchid plants at Home Depot, marked down to $1 because they were dying.

Therapeutic touch is a modern derivation of ancient healing practices and was developed by two American women in 1972. One of therapeutic touch's critics is Stephen Barrett, a retired Pennsylvania psychiatrist who publishes papers on quackery. Barrett questions the judgment of administrators who permit therapeutic touch in their hospitals.
Tampa General spokesman John Dunn said that the hospital welcomes alternatives in pain management.
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Working mainly in the medium of chalk pastel and watercolour, Joan chooses scenes from across Prince Edward Island, Canada, to depict the beautiful countryside and soothing beaches. Since winning her first contest at the age of five, Joan has fine-tuned her skill over the years as a landscape artist, by instruction and workshops from other artists. The technique has its critics but those who use it say it works on people, animals and even plants.

She received therapeutic touch training in a nursing program at Bayfront Medical Center in St.
It is the touch therapist's task to shift the energy back into balance and offer short-term relief -- all with swift motions of hands during 20-minute sessions.
The Orlando woman, hospitalized since April as she awaits a new heart, was referred to Weber by her surgeon. Cristobal Alvarado, said he read about Weber in a hospital newsletter and thought Patton, a high-strung patient who suffered from chronic pain and discomfort, would be an ideal candidate for the therapy. She brought them home, offered some therapeutic touch, and one by one, they began to bloom. In addition to the pill-drop, the Ocean County Health Department will be present to conduct health screenings and a public health nurse will be available to answer questions. Petersburg, but Tampa General is the only hospital in the area that has allowed her to work on patients, Weber said.

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