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Therapeutic Touch is a non-touch healing method used to balance the energy field around the human body. In a typical session of Therapeutic Touch the patient sits on a comfortable chair or lies on a massage table. After practitioner perceives areas of need in the field, the hands are swept and passed over the areas in a smoothing, balancing way.
Therapeutic Touch is one of the most famous and researched energy healing methods in the world.
Therapeutic Touch became a popular healing method with nurses who were interested in holistic healing. In the early 1970s, registered nurse Dolores Krieger knew intuitively that she and her fellow nurses could do more to ease pain and accelerate healing.

Mission Statement"To provide high quality therapeutic massage that will provide my clients with both short and long term relief from stress, chronic discomfort and sport injuries. Therapeutic Touch is an energy therapy where practitioners help clients elicit their natural relaxation response, promoting healing and reducing pain and anxiety. Practitioners of Therapeutic Touch state that by placing their hands near a client, they are able to detect and manipulate the client’s energy field. The practitioner hold his or her hands above the body without touching and slowly scans and senses blockages in the energy field. Therapeutic Touch™ is a registered trademark in Canada for the standardized healing practice performed by practitioners trained to be sensitive to the receiver's energy field that surrounds the body, where no touching is required.
Research and experience have shown that Therapeutic Touch is effective in eliciting a relaxation response, reducing anxiety, changing the perception of pain and facilitating the body's natural restorative process, bringing about an improved sense of well being and providing comfort during stressful times.

In a state of injury or disease, the flow of energy is obstructed, disorderly or depleted. Therapeutic Touch practitioners influence the energy flow to restore the integrity of the field and to help move it towards wholeness and health.

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