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Encourage your family members to support eco-friendly companies, services, shopping malls, cafes, and other institutions that are very active in helping to save the earth from massive destruction brought about by global warming. Starting from your light bulbs, electric fan, airconditioner, refrigerator and so on and so forth, you can opt to buy the ones that helps you save electricity.
The best way to educate our children in caring for their environment is by showing them a good example. If you are not creative enough to make something useful from your old stuff seating in corner, you can always throw it on the recycling bins nearest you, donate them to charitable institutions or sell them at flea markets.

There so many companies around the world nowadays that can help us maintain a green lifestyle without burning our pockets. You will not only help save the earth, you will also save a lot of money by means of less energy consumption which equals to lesser monthly electric bill. Make flea markets your best friend and buy slightly used items which are almost as good as the new ones. Mother Earth will thank you immensely for contributing to save the environment and your pocket will be grateful to you for saving money for your needs rather than your wants.

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