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According to the researches conducted over several years, it was discovered that aloe vera is quite useful for elimination of warts from the surface of the skin.
Use a tape and attach the aloe vera soaked cotton ball on the wart and leave it on for at least a few minutes. Garlic comprises of potent anti-viral properties that can be quite effective for wart removal.
Tea tree essential oil works as a powerful antiseptic that kills the bacteria that causes warts. Taking Echinacea pills regularly goes a long way in helping with the healing of skin infections including warts. This herb has been used for a long time by Native American Indians for curing a number of disorders.
To answer this question, we must ask how calamine lotion, the medical industry’s most popular anti-pruritic, reduces itching. Post-surgery cases where a topical is beneficial to reduce the surgery site irritation and itch.

They are caused by the same herpes simplex virus that is responsible for genital herpes and cold sores.Warts are contagious in nature and tend to spread from one person to the other. Repeat the same procedure after every few hours and you will notice your wart falling off within a few days or weeks.
To use this remedy, prepare a poultice containing crushed raw garlic and apply it over the wart. To use this remedy, simply apply this oil directly on the wart and massage or rub it into the skin with the help of your fingertips.After you continue this treatment each day as well as night for several weeks, the wart will disappear on its own. All you need to do is take these specially formulated pills on a regular basis as per the instructions given on the package. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Cover the area with a bandage and remove after 24 hours.This will result in formation of a blister and you will notice the wart falling off within just a week.
The wart can also be removed by applying the caster oil on the wart directly and keeping it covered.

Centuries ago, natural mineral deposits containing zinc carbonate were used for the zinc source. Though in most cases, these warts vanish on their own, but there are various natural and home remedies that can be used to fasten their demise.
However, this remedy can irritate the skin to some extent; therefore, it would be a good idea to protect your skin with the help of Vitamin E oil. Keeping the wart covered using a bandage will ensure that the wart vanishes within just 3 weeks. Today, a variety of zinc salts (zinc acetate, etc.) are used to manufacture calamine lotion.

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