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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 3000-year-old medical system that has developed and evolved over the centuries in China. Acupuncture – the medical use of fine needles inserted into the skin at points along the meridian system for healing. Tui Na Therapy – a sophisticated form of body work using deep muscle massage, joint movement, stretching and meridian work. Food Cure – the art and tradition of food combining and careful diet as a medicinal treatment.
Qi-Gong – A discipline of movement, breath and mental exercise that is considered by some to be a martial art, by others, a medical or meditative system. Tai-Ji – or Taijiquan covers many styles of martial arts forms, each developed for different outcomes. The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine are deeply rooted in Ancient Chinese Philosophy. Something I find interesting about the history of Chinese Medicine is how systems of knowledge have developed over the centuries in Chinese civilization. Traditional healing knowledge and techniques were always developed and passed down from teacher to students, usually along family lines. So it is no surprise many Chinese doctors over the centuries have performed research on themselves using master Shennong’s model.
In just over a month, on March 9th, the 2012, 2-year Graduate Mentorship Program will begin.
With this in mind, the Graduate Mentorship Program offers both the three-day weekends (8 of them altogether) and then, in addition, offers the weekend repeated bit by bit, in weekly assignments.
Another important aspect of the Graduate Mentorship Program is the community that gets created among us all in relation to the medicine.

When our diagnosis is clear and well articulated, determining the correct treatment follows rather seamlessly.
It is for this reason that, during the first weekends of the Graduate Mentorship Program, the focus is on diagnostic skills. Good diagnostic skills can only develop when the practitioner has a deep and dynamic understanding of physiology. Because my own experience, both studying in China and in my own practice has had an emphasis on women’s health, this emphasis is reflected in the Graduate Mentorship Program.
Throughout, we develop our ability to understand diseases through the lens of our good diagnosis rather than trying to match our patient to a formula or disease factor in a book. If you would like to read what others have said about the program, we have a testimonial page. Welcome to the Topics in Chinese Medicine BlogThis blog is dedicated to the exploration of a variety of topics within the field of Chinese medicine.
Ingredient used in Traditional Chinese Medicine contained in a modern glass - Dried Chrysanthemum flowers. It holds that the universe is in constant dynamic balance, the energies, forces and qualities within us and in the universe around us, are always seeking balance. These assignments involve watching about a 1 hour video presentation that has been edited from footage of the class – with questions in mind to think about for the week. We bring our diagnostic skills into the treatment of women through menarche, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. All forms of Tai-Ji are complete body exercise systems deeply rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy and practice. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the four approaches I listed above in combination to restore balance.

One of the important contributions he is credited with was the knowledge and use of medicinal herbs. As you know may know from my Bio, my father had a Traditional Chinese Medical practice for many years. However, once our diagnostic skills are grounded, our ability to understand and work flexibly and accurately with formulas increases by leaps and bounds. The legend goes that he spent many years testing thousands of different herbal combinations and studied the effects on himself. In fact, it is impossible to really understand herb and formulas without the ability to deeply diagnose. Many of these students are taking the course from their homes in places like California, Vancouver or Texas. The course is also live-streamed AND it is filmed and broken down into weekly shorts.
The resource are for the Graduate Mentorship Program is just this kind of cyber-teahouse dedicated to the participants of the program. In this program we revisit touching diagnosis with a strong abdominal and pulse diagnosis component.
For this reason, this course teaches classic physiology, taking that which students have learned in school and seeing it in a dynamic and integrated frame of reference.

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