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Address:International Education College, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We offer a variety of teas for different occasions and puposes: relaxation, immunity boost, orcold prevention.
The China Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers complete healthcare in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxabustion, dietary recommendations and more. Your experience will be an authentic and personalized integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Theory to the highest level.
Students love thinking that their teacher is the best, and teachers love to encourage this. It amazes me how may teachers look absolutely terrible.  Their skin is pale, their eyes are dull, their posture is awful, their voice is weak, and they have no pep in their step.
There are people out there who are highly skillful in their art, but they can’t teach worth a damn.
Back in my violin days, I studied with a world-class violinist for several months.  He was, without a doubt, the best violin player I ever studied with.
Because I had already learned from good teachers for over 15 years, I was able to learn a bit from watching him and listening.  But if I had been a beginner, it would have been a disaster.
When it comes to qigong, a teacher should really know something about Chinese medicine.  After all, qigong a branch of Chinese medicine (and arguably the most powerful branch). When you go to class, do you feel uplifted just by being near your teacher?  Does he inspire you with his experience, his results, his energy, and his confidence?  Does he always know the perfect thing to say to help get you back on track?   Then you probably have a good teacher. Bad teachers have trouble inspiring their students  because they aren’t inspired themselves.
If you aren’t healthy, how can you inspire students to become healthy?  If you haven’t practiced daily for decades, then how can you inspire students to practice regularly?
A teacher should have a high moral standard.  There should be telltale signs of integrity, kindness, courage, sincerity, and honesty. If you suspect that the teacher lacks integrity, then get the hell out of there, no matter what his skill level. Spotting a bad teacher will save you time and money.  In some cases, it could save your life. My studies continue and I hope to attain more knowledge on the internal healing of this great art. Im from Barranquilla, Colombia, been practicing martial arts for over a year (started with taekwondo) but quited it because of it’s high differences with other martial arts, and because of the teacher.

Of course, if someone is only teaching for the money, and not to help people, then that’s different. Sifu, I have had a terrible time finding even a decent teacher (you and Master Wong raised the bar high! As for Kung Fu (including Tai Chi), there will be some exercises in the online course that will be good for you to practice.
I’ve had several teachers in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gung Fu and QiGong, and you hit the nail on the head! Results, Experience and Sincerity are the biggest selling points, yet they are not something you can buy! I’m almost 39, with 14 years experience (4 hours of training per day), and thousands of hours in personal practice. Thank you for this article, which confirmed my Sifu with over 30 years experience is an AWESOME teacher! There are quality issues in the Yoga world right now, mainly due to the fact that teaching certificates are being handed out after a one month crash course, to trainees with little or no experience. Guiding travel to India, China, Turkey, Bali, Egypt, Tibet, Nepal, Uzbekistan and the Holy Land since 1980. This 3-week internship is available for acupuncture physicians and students of Chinese Medicine, as well as others interested in this program.
Friends and family members who do not have an interest in studying TCM are welcome to join our group.
Gardens, the Dragon Well Park, The Tiger Spring, West Lake, The Flower Arbor, Baochu Pagoda, Ge Ling Taoist Monastery, the silk museum and market, and various tea gardens.We will also travel to the Yellow Mountains (Huang Shan) where generations of artists, monks and poets have immersed themselves in the splendor of some of ChinaOs most spectacular scenery. Zhuoling Ren is the Founder, President and Doctor-in-Charge of the China Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He may suggest some remedial exercises, or even use some acupressure to help the student calm down.
If I experience a situation with a student that I’m not sure of, I simply get on the phone or visit a Sifu or Eastern Doctor and ask questions or I send the student directly to the Eastern doctor for treatment.
As a practitioner of Chen & Yang style TaiJi, and Qi Gong, for over 25 years I can relate. The internship is hosted by the Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ZCTCM) in Hangzhou, China, one of the top three TCM colleges in the world. The cost is $ 4450 USD,* which includes pre- trip and arrival orientation, double occupancy accommodations (single rooms are available for an additional charge), breakfasts, 11 scheduled dinners, medical translators, full tuition and certification from the Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduation ceremony and banquet, and guided sightseeing in Hangzhou, Huangshan and Shanghai.

Intern hours will be supervised and monitored during the trip and interns will only receive credit for the hours they participate in. Or if you haven’t already gotten your free Ebooks and free lesson, then make sure to grab them here.  Want to learn from me? I love the patterns and wonder if you can suggest a basic pattern that I can practice to keep myself in Kung Fu? ZCTCM has three affiliated hospitals and four outpatient clinics that see thousands of patients each day. Not included are the international air flight (we can help you find cheap air tickets), visa, taxis, lunches, some dinners, beverages and personal items. However, the trip offers the opportunity to intern for 65 hours and therefore there is some flexibility built into the program for the interns.
The internship provides an intensive training, working in small groups of 2 to 3 interns, and participants will receive a certificate from ZCTCM commemorating their achievement.Participants may choose to focus their internship from a list of specialties such as gynecology, fertility, weight loss, dermatology, digestive disorders, muscular skeletal problems, rheumatology, migraine, facial rejuvenation, point injection, needling technique and others.
Please inquire about discounted rates for friends and family members not participating in the internship program. I am LOVING the online class- its so helpful to get back into a more zen qigong mind set and feel more motivated and less isolated in my practice.
Ren has successfully treated thousands of patients in the Twin Cities, including many with complex and difficult conditions. I wish you were closer, would love to met and perhaps attend one or several of your classes. After all the time I have studied all the publications I have consumed and the studying and training with 7 different teachers, Instructors and Sifu, I feel I’m barley scratching the surface of the vast world of knowledge in the wonderful modality of Qi Gong.
I’m currently awaiting my certification of acceptance from the NQA and hope to soon become an instructor. I've already helped thousands to get results with these amazing arts, and I'd love to share my knowledge with you as well.

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