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In this article we have provided answers to frequently asked questions about angular cheilitis and its treatment. Angular cheilitis describes an inflammation that occurs in the corner of the mouth usually associated with a fungal or bacterial infection. Although angular cheilitis is often aggravated by a fungal or bacterial infection, this is not usually the root cause.
A habit of licking the lips causing them to remain damp from saliva for long periods of time.

Malabsorption conditions where there is an abnormality in absorption of food nutrients in the gut.
Angular cheilitis is a condition that responds well to home remdies and it makes sense to explore the options.
Most home remedies work by changing the local environment around the corner of the mouth to make it less conducive to bacteria and fungal growth.  As fungi and bacteria thrive in moist environments, the key is to dry out the area. Of course much depends on the actual approach used, but it certainly is possible to resolve angular cheilitis overnight.

But bear in mind that if you don’t remove the root cause of the infection (see causes of angular cheilitis above), it may recur at a later date whatever angular cheilitis cure you use.

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