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Hepatitis B is spread when infectious body fluids (blood, saliva, semen and vaginal fluid) come into contact with body tissues beneath the skin (for example, through needle puncture or broken skin) or mucous membranes (the thin moist lining of many parts of the body such as the nose, mouth, throat and genitals). About 50% of adults and 90% of children do not develop any symptoms at the time of infection.
Most people chronically infected with hepatitis B have no symptoms but are capable of spreading the infection to others. Both acute and chronic hepatitis B infections are diagnosed by blood tests serology and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests in a pathology laboratory. If liver inflammation continues, a needle may be inserted into the liver to obtain a sample of liver for further testing.
From up to 3 months before symptoms develop until the infected person eliminates the virus from their body. Antiviral treatment is available and is of benefit to some people with chronic hepatitis B infection. Routine monitoring (at least annually) even when there are no symptoms, can prevent severe liver disease including liver cancer. Surgery is one treatment option for people suffering from fibromyalgia, but the operation has pros and cons. By Ira Rashbaum, MD, Special to Everyday Health Strokes occur in more than 795,000 in the United States each year, killing about 130,000.
Sugar is 2014's bogeyman, having been blamed by leading doctors and experts as being the main driver behind diabetes, heart disease and rising levels of obesity.

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Babies born to mothers who are infected with hepatitis B should receive hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG) as soon as possible after birth. Antiviral therapy towards the end of pregnancy and continuing for 4-12 weeks after birth may further decrease the risk of hepatitis B infection from being passed down from mom to baby. Our goal is to improve children's health by inspiring parents to become knowledgable partners who can work with their children's physicians in new and rich ways.
I’m impressed by the level of detail and it does explain treatment and testing quite well.
Its’ like playing Russian roulette with someone else’s health telling them to wait and see.
I haven’t got  a problem if it’s all explained to the patient and they make a informed decision, But patients are   usually at a disadvantage they lack information to make that decision and trust the health professional they know best…. People unable to eliminate the hepatitis B virus from their body following an acute infection and who remain infected for more than 6 months are said to have chronic hepatitis B infection. People chronically infected with hepatitis B have an increased risk of developing cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver and liver cancer later in life.
Chronically infected people remain infectious for life although the risk of transmitting the infection to others varies considerably from person-to-person. However, all people with chronic hepatitis B should receive regular, lifelong monitoring of disease progression by a general practitioner or liver specialist .

Be aware of the medications that have been prescribed to your loved one and their side effects. About ? of these children eventually die from complications of liver disease caused by the hepatitis B (cancer or cirrhosis). Pregnant women are also tested for hepatitis B to help identify which children need to receive special preventive measures. Those who missed this series of immunizations can still receive the vaccine for long-term protection. Hepatitis B is sometimes found in the breast milk of infected mothers, but even so, nursing does not appear to increase the risk of transmitting the infection.
The complications may not arise for 25 or 30 years after the initial infection, and can occur even if the initial infection was mild or caused no symptoms at all.
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