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Worldwide, nearly 90% of cases of TB and 48% of cases of drug-resistant TB are cured.However, treatment is not quick or easy. The length of treatment and side effects from the drugs used pose huge problems for TB patients and for global efforts to tackle the disease. Find out more under Global TB challenges.Standard treatmentTB treatment lasts at least six months.
These can come in the same tablet, called Rifinah.Patients may begin to feel better within two weeks of beginning treatment, and people with pulmonary TB normally become non-infectious during this time. However, it’s vital that patients complete their treatment, so that the TB bacteria are completely killed off in the body.

This prevents symptoms from returning and the risk of bacteria becoming drug resistant.Side effectsWith any medication, it is possible to experience side effects.
If this happens, stop taking your medication and tell your doctor straight away.Patients should always discuss any side effects with their doctor, as it may be possible to change TB medication. If you would like to find out more about the side effects of specific drugs, please download our leaflet About your TB drugs.Treating drug-resistant TBDrug-resistant TB requires a longer course of treatment, with different combinations of drugs that can have more side effects. A patient will be tested to find out the exact course of treatment that should work for them.Treating latent TBMost cases of latent TB are not considered for treatment, as 90% of people with latent TB do not go on to become ill with active TB. Treatment is recommended for people whose immune systems are weaker as they are more likely to go on to develop an active infection.

DOT involves TB nurses, outreach volunteers or trained volunteers meeting regularly with patients to watch them take their medication. This may take place at the patient’s home, in a clinic or pharmacy, or even a local shop.

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