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Washington, Feb 2 - According to a new research, an anti-diabetic drug, metformin, may lower lung cancer risk in diabetic nonsmokers. The research at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, California, suggest that metformin may prevent cancer, but the data from human studies, however, are conflicting.
Metformin use was not associated with lower lung cancer risk overall, however, the risk was 43 percent lower among diabetic patients who had never smoked and the risk appeared to decrease with longer use. Washington, Oct 10 - A new study has revealed that lung cancers can lie dormant for over 20 years before suddenly turning into an aggressive form of the disease. According to the study by cancer research UK on seven patients - including smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers , the first genetic mistakes that cause the cancer, can exist undetected for many years until new, additional, faults trigger rapid growth of the disease.
Washington, June 2 - 25 percent of smokers who carry a defect in the BRCA2 gene would be developing lung cancer at some point in their lifetime, a large-scale, international study reveals.
The defect in BRCA2 - best known for its role in breast cancer - increases the risk of developing lung cancer by about 1.8 times.
Melbourne, Nov 29 - An expert has claimed that unexplained coughs and chest infections should be taken seriously as they could be a sign of lung cancer. According to cancer Australia CEO Professor Helen Zorbas, anyone with a cough that has lasted for three weeks or more should see a doctor, News.
Washington, Nov 4 - An experimental drug that has shown promise in the treatment of melanoma has also shown early potential as an effective treatment for patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

Greig, 66, will undergo a biopsy later this week to determine at what stage the disease is at and what the required course of action would be. London, Mar 22 : Scientists say that a simple new technique could help improve diagnosis and treatment options for lung cancer sufferers. The new method involves counting the number of tumour cells in blood samples before and after chemotherapy, allowing doctors to establish how well patients are responding to treatment. London, March 11 : Two chemotherapy drugs now indicated for second and third-line therapy in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer are remarkably effective in treating a certain subset of these patients, according to a new study.
Washington, Feb 26: US researchers have found that an inexpensive and rapid testing method can effectively identify a sub-group of never-smoking lung cancer patients whose tumors express a molecule associated with increased risk of disease progression or recurrence. Washington, Aug 3 : Scientists have found that most of the lung cancer survivors suffer from dyspnea or shortness of breath. According to a recent research, combination of chemotherapy drugs with monotherapy works better for the old age people. This time the research has shown that with the use of these double drugs, the patients would be better treated and they would be given a few more months to spend with their loved ones. These reports have been revealed after there was attest on a few patients suffering from lung cancer and who are above the age of 70 years. It was revealed in the reports that the patients who were given a combination of both the treatments would have an increased life span of about 4 months which is a lot, when taken in consideration with lung cancer patients.

It has already been suggested by NICE that non-small lung cancer can be treated with combination drugs.
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21 : Former England captian and famous cricket commentator, Tony Greig has said that he is ready to battle the latest scrape in his life, after being diagnosed with a form of lung cancer.
Feinstein described the prevalence and severity of dyspnea in long-term lung cancer survivors and provided specific factors associated with the condition that may help clinicians target post-treatment rehabilitation strategies. It has been revealed in that there is often much precaution taken for the health of the old age people. This is the reason they are usually given single drugs rather than a combination of the two.

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