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Just like humans coughing is only a symptom of an underlying diseases,  same as to our pet dogs too! Cats were honored and cared for in ancient Egypt but little attention was directed to dogs. At the beginning of the twentieth century, economics demanded that veterinary practitioners focus on cattle and horses.
The internal combustion engine changed not only the world of transportation but also the field of veterinary medicine. To grasp the enormity of the progress made in canine practice, it is important to appreciate the standard of practice employed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The importance of worming dogs was as important in the late 1800s as it is today, but the procedures employed are poles apart. In 1915, an American veterinarian published a protocol for a canine ovariohysterectomy (spay). Throughout his lifetime, Hobday continued to have a far reaching effect on the practice of veterinary medicine.
The veterinary professionals’ focus on infectious disease has broadened and intensified with the passing of each decade. The real impetus for the “birth” of canine medicine was the dwindling horse and cow population. Even after canine medicine was established as a viable branch of veterinary medicine, the amount of information on dogs dispersed to practitioners each year was initially miniscule. For example, German Shepherds used for sentry duty during the Second World War were found to break down during training.
In the 1960s, the first textbooks devoted solely to canine medicine and surgery were released.
The first formal postgraduate training program for any veterinarian was offered at the Ontario Veterinary College.
The increasing availability of board-certified veterinarians has boosted the quality of care.
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They may cough sometimes just to clear the airway but persistent coughing may have underlying disease that needs immediate attention and medicines.
Infectious Disease. Bacteria, viruses, fungus can cause a dog to cough and can be spread from one dog to another. Neoplasia (Cancer). The lungs get a lot of blood supply because their job is to oxygenate all of the blood, so any type of cancer that sheds cells into the blood can spread to the lungs which cause a dog to cough due to not enough oxygen to the body. Anomalous Disorder. Any congenital structural defects especially on the chest part of the dog can also cause coughing.
Degenerative Disorder. It is part of a dogs life to deteriorate as they age just like humans.

In early Roman days, animal caretakers were called souvetaurinarii – the origin of the word veterinarian. It was not until Medieval times in Europe that medical care for hunting dogs became an acceptable practice. People didn’t spend much money on dogs, and the expendable cat was only useful for keeping the vermin down in the barns.
A modern-day animal-lover would be appalled at the superstition-based, barbaric practices of that period.
The development of orally administered parasiticides has made it easy, effective, and safe to deworm puppies today.
This has stimulated veterinarians to keep up to date with the ever expanding knowledge base of medicine and surgery. He included the recommended anesthetic technique as well as a description of the surgical procedure.
He introduced the x-ray machine to the veterinary community, allowing better diagnosis and treatment of fractures. When canine Parvovirus broke in 1978, effective vaccines were quickly developed and marketed. Initially, veterinarians did just a little canine practice on the side to fill their time, but as attitudes towards small animals changed, practices devoted solely to small animals began to emerge.
Despite this slow start, there were still some profound medical and surgical breakthroughs. X-rays revealed a characteristic change in the hip joint that was later coined “hip dysplasia”. It was a surgical residency under the tutelage of a veterinarian who had learned surgical techniques through study in the human field. A dog with a perplexing skin condition can be referred to a board-certified veterinary dermatologist for assessment. Our four-legged companions now receive medical care that parallels that offered in the human field.
Because the only valuable animals were ones that could be eaten or ridden, early medical practice was restricted to horses, cattle, pigs, and sheep. It has also led to the demand for advanced care by board certified veterinarians who specialize in specific areas of companion animal practice, from ophthalmology, through internal medicine, to behaviour. He devised a humane technique for securing dogs before induction of anesthetic and also a way to control the amount of chloroform vapour delivered to dogs under anesthesia.
He also pioneered research on canine distemper, helping to develop the first vaccine against this deadly viral disease. The arsenal aimed at canine infectious disease continues to expand with the recent release of vaccines against Lyme Disease and Giardia. By 1933, shifting perspectives spurred the formation of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

As well as major innovations in fracture repair, there were advancements in the recognition and understanding of a number of orthopedic conditions. Today, continuing education is readily available not only through texts, but also through journals, seminars taught by leading experts, and Internet courses offered by veterinary colleges. A dog that needs an intricate surgery, such as a joint replacement, can be treated by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. At the turn of the century, removing a cataract from a dog’s eye to restore vision would have been inconceivable. They learned to appreciate the virtues of their canine patients, setting up practices devoted exclusively to the care of companion animals.
Because tail ligaments were wrongly assumed to be worms, “worming” consisted of “biting off the last bone in the tail and drawing out the sinew”. Before his insightful counsel, veterinarians routinely suspended dogs by their hind legs from a hook on the wall to do abdominal surgery. In 1928, a distemper vaccination program involved the administration of a dose of killed distemper virus followed a week later by a dose of the live virus. This association was, and continues to be, instrumental in establishing standards for veterinary hospitals and for veterinary care of companion animals. Over the ensuing years, a radiograph screening program was developed to help breeders reduce the incidence of this crippling condition in their breeding lines. They can then become board-certified in such fields as dermatology, radiology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, anesthesiology, behaviour, pathology, oncology, and even dentistry. A geriatric dog with an enlarged kidney can have a noninvasive ultrasound interpreted by a radiologist.
Once completed, pups were not only supposed to be worm-free; they were also considered immune to rabies!
Prior to this time, most procedures, some very painful, were performed without anesthesia because veterinarians were uncomfortable with the risks of general anesthetics.
Canine distemper vaccines have been modified over the years, becoming safer and more effective. An extremely fearful dog can be sent to a veterinary behaviourist for assessment and behaviour modification. With that in mind, imagine the possibilities of veterinary practice a hundred years from now. Their care focuses on dogs and cats, utilizing integrative medicine – a blend of traditional and complementary therapies. Despite the success of these progressive changes in the field of canine surgery, the problem of post-surgical infections persisted until the adoption of sterile surgical techniques and the introduction of antibiotics.

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