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If you are looking for a fixed rate plan in the Houston area you will be paying higher rate with TXU than Reliant. Shopping around for a lower price on electricity is part of being a conscientious consumer.
We always recommend comparing rates before signing up with a provider once your contract has ended with your current provider. Beat the heat.Location is everything, and Corpus Christi’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes for cool breezes and humid subtropical temperatures.
Get hired.Corpus Christi consistently performs well among other mid-size cities for job hunters in the nation. Hit the beach.Sandy beaches, cool gulf waters and shining sun … these are some of the major perks of moving to Corpus Christi. Go green.With the beach nearby, the environmentally conscious flock to Corpus Christi on a regular basis. Have some fun.After moving to Corpus Christi, there are many activities in addition to spending time on the beach that might suit your fancy as well. There’s a lot more to like about Corpus Christi, and if you’re considering a move there, let TXU Energy help make your move a bit easier.
Learn about all of our benefits and find out why we're the #1 choice for electricity in Texas.
TXU said the systems will come with online with mobile monitoring systems from SunPower, allowing homeowners to track their electricity production.

TXU Electric Online Bill Pay: Customers are able to submit TXU Electric payments directly to ChargeSmart™, indicating the amount and the intended recipient.
Deregulation opened competition in the energy market for you to shop for lower prices on electricity.
Getting a smaller electric bill by switching from TXU Energy to a lower price electricity provider just makes sense. Make a wager on who you think is the fastest Greyhound at the dog races or take a tour of the USS Lexington, a preserved WWII aircraft carrier.
We make it easy to set up and manage your electricity account online, and you can count on our simple, straightforward pricing. The program will provide financing options, pay customers for the excess power they generate, and utilizes panels the company said produce more than 70% more power for their size. The company has had an office in Texas since 2011, and now has more than 350 local employees. In approximately 5-45 days, you will be able to begin viewing, paying, and printing your bill. All you need is your TXU Energy account number.  Pay your bills at Bill Express payment system and you will receive a confirmation number verifying your payment has been accepted. With this, you won’t have to worry about due dates, late fees, or the risk of service interruption.
The total amount you pay is spread out over the year, so your bill only changes a small amount from month to month.

Comparing rates from reputable providers like Reliant and TXU can change depending where you live in Texas. With a warm climate, healthy economy and tons of activities, moving to Corpus Christi may be a good choice.
Trade, transportation, government, leisure and hospitality industries are also integral to the Corpus Christi economy.
Every year, people journey to this coastal town to meet friends, relax and enjoy the lifestyle. A great way to meet new people and get fresh air is to volunteer to help with one of these organizations. Or you can visit the Texas State Aquarium, a must-see for anyone who’s curious about sea life. This service is available from many competitive electric companies who often times have lower prices than TXU Energy. You can also pay your bills via mail; just send your electricity bill stub and payment to their business address. Try the coastal cleanup effort sponsored by the Texas Adopt-A-Beach Foundation and become one of the 400,000 each year who help keep Corpus Christi beaches beautiful.

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