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Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Kevin Love: Back in 2009 we wrote about former UCLA hoops star Kevin Love dating a UCLA cheerleader. Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew danced a little jig to celebrate his club’s short-lived lead in the FA Cup Final. Draymond Green can recite the names of all 34 players who were drafted before him in order. About a hundred people rallied outside Kerckhoff Hall earlier today, following acts of vandalism involving racial and sexist slurs that were reported to police earlier this week. On Tuesday, a student found a piece of paper with the words “asian women R Honkie white-boy worshipping Whores” attached to a Vietnamese Student Union sign in Kerckhoff Hall.

Amid chants of “hey, hey, ho, ho; Racism has got to go” and people holding colorful signs, speakers from various campus groups expressed their disappointment with the occurrences at the rally, which was hosted by the Vietnamese Student Union.
Anees Hasnain, the student who reported the slurs on the Vietnamese Student Union sign to UCPD, said she felt numb and was shocked when she found the sign. She added she is concerned by repeated incidents of hate speech on campus, referring to reports from earlier this year about anti-Mexican and sexist slurs written on an apartment door, and a video posted by former UCLA student Alexandra Wallace that included derogatory comments about Asian students. She and Drew seems to have something going on, don’t really care about that, care about this though.
According to Frathouse Sports (which has a treasure trove of photos of the couple), they’re still together (but Elise has graduated), and Love frequently flies her into Minnesota to visit. Wednesday, a similar phrase was found handwritten on the door of a bathroom stall in Powell Library.

Our members identified UCLA as the "best college to find a date from another race," more than five times more [often] than rival USC.
I bet she sits with Wayne Ellington’s girlfriend in the stands while watching Love clean the glass. The league’s leading rebounder collected 17 last night (and scored 24 points) but the Wolves lost to the Rockets.

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