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Necrotizing Fasciitis, or flesh-eating disease as the media likes to call it, is a rapidly spreading infection along the fascia or the layer of tissue that binds skin to muscle. Suelder -Aside from the two mentioned in the post, other famous victims include a New Zealand TV reporter, several athletes, and a few other barely-notables. Findings:At low magnification, several lobules of an active mammary gland during early pregnancy are shown. Findings:A melanocyte with cytoplasmic processes extending up in between epithelial cells is shown in this diagram. Note that the melanocyte processes are transferring melanin granules into the cells of the stratum basale and stratum spinosum by a process known as cytocrine secretion. Comment:Melanocyte cell bodies are located between the stratum basale and the basement membrane, the interface separating the epidermis and dermis.
Comment:The presence of two elastic laminae in the vessel wall is the key identifying feature of pulmonary arteries. Comment:A well-defined brush border is also found in the proximal convoluted tubules of the kidney cortex but renal tubules are lined by simple cuboidal epithelium, not the simple columnar epithelium found in the digestive tract.

With a solid understanding of the human body and a bit of research, I can probably help you make a guess that won't turn off readers. This deadly disease is caused by a virulent strain of the same bacteria also responsible for strep throat, rheumatoid fever, scarlet fever, impetigo, childbed fever, and toxic shock syndrome - Group A Streptococcus pyogenes.This particular form of strep infection usually starts at an area of trivial skin injury - a bruise, scrape, or small cut. As I said, this is a very rare disease.After the debridement, the person will have exposed muscle tissue and will need skin grafts (the skin won't grow back). I use my nursing knowledge to help out fellow writers with medical, infant, child, and women's health issues.
Do not attempt to enact this advice on real human beings, pets, plants, or imaginary friends. The area becomes reddened and hot to the touch as the infection begins, but over 2-3 days the infected tissue begins to die (necrotize).
I'm not a doctor and as such I do not diagnose, treat, dispense advise, or prescribe for real problems or real people.
The skin will gradually darken to purplish or black, and large, blood-filled blisters called bullae will begin to form.

The below photo from UCSD med school illustrates both the appearance of skin infected with necrotizing fasciitis and the blood-filled bullae.Left untreated, this infection can quickly march over enormous areas of the body and lead to death in a matter of a couple of days.
Treatment involves surgically removing all dead and infected tissue in a process called debridement (de-breed-ment), which usually leaves the muscle layer intact and simply removes all the superficial tissue and skin in the affected region and for a clear margin around the lesion. If the infection continues to spread over limbs after attempts to debride, amputation may be life saving.Both the infection itself and the treatment are horrendously painful. The lady in the photo above would likely have all the skin stripped off her leg from below the knee to the crotch if she wants to live, after which she'll look like she's been partially dissected until after skin grafts are applied. Recovery is likely to be a long process, involving physical therapy and plastic surgery and lots and lots of medications.While very rare, the Centers for Disease Control reports that there are fewer than 1000 cases a year in the US.

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