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As herbs are the purest forms to treat various health related problems, it is good to use them for obtaining desirable results. Take a complimentary diet which is low in calories.  Such type of diet helps maintaining a balance in your internal body functions and on the other hand, these herbs work effectively to stimulate hair growth. The first question I asked my Chinese herb practitioner was a€?how do you know this will work?a€™ Her reply was a€?how do you know Western treatments will work?a€™ She had a very valid point.
How it worksThe main difference between Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), from what my practitioner told me, is that Western Medicine (WM) looks at treating the main cause of the issue, while TCM endeavours to treat the person as a whole. When to take Chinese herbsA practitioner will tell you that you should begin taking the herbs at least four to six months before trying to conceive. Side EffectsAs with any medication, some side effects may occur when taking TCM, but generally there are less side effects from TCM than from WM. Always consult a recommended practitioner and ask what each herb is, that is being prescribed. For further reading on natural remedies for fertility-related issues, please see my article on Yoga for Fertility and Reflexology for FertilityFSH levels and fertilityAs we age, our Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) level increases. A Personal NoteOnce I had started taking Chinese herbs, I noticed a small amount of spotting that occurred between menstrual cycles.
Traditional Chinese Medicine, commonly referred to by its acronym TCM, is a two thousand year old system of medicine that utilizes herbs, acupuncture and diet to correct imbalances in the body.
First you need to identify the Chinese diagnosis of your eczema as the treatment is individualized to both the presentation of the eczema and the constitution of the person.
Follow the instruction below to discover your TCM eczema diagnosis and select the appropriate acupuncture points, herbs and foods for natural healing. The answers, in combination with the appearance of the patient’s tongue and the type of wrist pulse are used to determine a diagnosis and then the subsequent treatments. Jot down your answers to the following questions to help yourself identify your TCM diagnosis. Are you a person who is generally warm or do you have a tendency to feel cooler than most people in the same environment? For ladies, this question asks about the appearance of the menstrual period as well as the flow.
In TCM, hearing tells the practitioner much about the ears but also refers to kidney health as the kidney opens to the ears according to Chinese medicine principals. Using the answers from the previous questions will help you discover which Chinese diagnosis most fits your eczema and lead to the proper selection of foods, herbal medicines and acupuncture points to treat your condition. It’s important to note that a person can have a combination of more than one Chinese diagnosis at a time. If a person has signs of both wind and heat then they should look for an herbal formula and acupuncture points that address both of those conditions.
Contains the following herbs: sophora , gypsum, rehmannia, articum lappa, sesame, angelica and licorice root.
Herbs in this formula include dioscorea, phellodendron, plantago, paeonia and gardenia fruit. Herbs commonly in Jia Wei Xiao Yao San are paeonia, poria, atractylodes, gardenia, bupleurum, ginger, mint and licorice. None of these formulas should be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers without the advice of an acupuncturist or physician trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is a medical treatment that involves penetrating specific points on the skin with very thin needles.
The points correspond with different organs of the body as well as different body functions.
Depending on how the needles are inserted, the acupuncturist is working to either tonify (build up) or release energy to improve health and treat diseases. If you do not have access to an acupuncturist then an alternative is to stimulate those points by either rubbing, applying pressure or by using acupressure beads that stick to the points.
All of these points are bilateral, meaning that they are found on the same place on both the right and left side of the body. Location: Located on the little finger, just below the nail, in the cuticle on the side closest to your ring finger. Look for the section of skin which transitions from whiter (or darker depending on ethnicity) skin to pinker skin as Spleen 2 is located on this transition point. An essential point for women’s health and digestion, Spleen 6 is also a major acupuncture point for skin conditions. Also abbreviated as UB 54, urinary bladder 54 is a point that helps with lower back pain, urinary problems, hemorrhoids and constipation. Location: UB 54 is located in the lower part of your sacrum, which is the boney structure connecting your spine to your hips. UB 54 is on the hiatus of the sacrum, therefore, it’s located in the last indentation (the lowest, closest to your tailbone). This point is used to regulate the blood and is used in menstrual difficulties in addition to eczema. Liver 11 is often stimulated in eczema conditions aggravated by hormonal fluctuations such as puberty, pregnancy, the menstrual cycle or menopause. It is also useful for eczema secondary to a sluggish liver function and environmental toxicity.
Liver 11 is two thumb widths below the pubic tubercle, on the edge of a muscle called the abductor longus. Location: Find your belly button and then go four thumb widths down towards your feet and ? of a thumb width to the right and left. Location: LI 4 is found on the hand in the fleshy mound of tissue between the thumb and pointer finger when you are holding the thumb firmly against the hand.
It is used with many skin conditions but is particularly good at clearing up eczema with any signs of damp heat. This point is also used to clear redness, help reduce hypertension and improve symptoms of arthritis in the upper body.
Location: Flex your elbow with your palm pointed upward and LI11 is located at the very outer edge of the crease (lateral).
The ebook Eczema Free is a great resource to find additional natural strategies to eradicate eczema.
No doubt, official medicine has reached great success in treating different diseases and rescuing many peoplea€™s lives from the claws of death. There was hardly a country in the world, the inhabitants of which did not use herbs and herbal supplements with medical aim and in everyday life: Greeks and Europeans, people of Ancient Rome and Kyiv Rus, Indians and especially the inhabitants of China (that is why today we often identify many herbs as Chinese). Nowadays phytotherapy gains more and more popularity as it offers the chance of alternative treatment for those, who are not satisfied with modern synthetic medicationsa€™ effectiveness or cannot use them for some reason (about 10% of patients are reported not to respond properly and adequately to the modern medications).
To find the possibility of using herbs and various natural supplements in the official medicine, multiple trials are carried out by the most advanced scientists.

Most people dona€™t realize it, but the herbs that many purchase at various nurseries and stores such as Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Lowea€™s, etc. Herbal packs can be purchased at various places, but the internet is the best place to look if there arena€™t many places around you. Your probably dona€™t think of magic coming out of your pantry, kitchen cupboards or refrigerator, but our ancestors used all kinds of every day herbs, spices and fruits to keep their homes sparkling clean and odor free. Sprinkle marjoram in out of the way corners throughout your home to relieve depression, give you protection and to promote love and safety.
Basil will fill your home with a warm, summery scent while promoting fidelity, love, protection and wealth. Add a few dried or fresh apple slices to your cleaning water for a cozy down-home fragrance.
People have all sorts of choices when it comes to healthcare today, but the following classic remedies may mean never having to leave the house to visit the doctor or pharmacista€”that doesna€™t mean you shouldna€™t, however. Tea made by pouring boiling water over peach tree leaves is a Chinese herbal remedy used to treat morning sickness. In the case of certain kinds of headaches, a few strawberries may work wonders; they contain organic salicylatesa€”similar to the active ingredients in aspirin. Youa€™ll hear lots of folks tell you how to cure a hangover, but that cure is somehow still illusive for many. A lot of western medicine specialists don’t trust the use of Chinese natural remedies. If you are suffering from hair loss problems, then Chinese herbs are the best option to go along with. Although science is unable to prove the effectiveness of foti but many people claim it highly effective for promoting rapid hair growth.
According to the Institute for Traditional Medicine, Swerta reduces the chance of hair loss in 80% of the cases. It works by strengthening the liver and kidney; and in result restores the capacity to promote healthy hair growth. Often the two go hand in hand, so dona€™t be surprised if your acupuncturist prescribes Chinese herbs as well. The studies that have been conducted show a significant rise in conception rate using TCM as opposed to traditional IVF medication. Your herbal practitioner will be able to adjust the herbs accordingly, if you notice any adverse symptoms. Be sure to tell your practitioner if you have any allergies, including those to plants or pollen.
What can we do about it, and can we still fall pregnant?Reflexology and fertilityMany women claim that reflexology helped them conceive, despite fertility issues or age-related problems.
This article is based solely on my own research into natural remedies and trying to conceive at an advanced age. So why not increase your chances of falling pregnant by living the healthiest life you can?Change your exercise routine for optimal fertility healthWhether youa€™re trying to conceive or not, exercise is good for you.
These yoga poses relieve that stress and can be incredibly beneficial for your reproductive organs.
Timing it Right For FertilityTiming is everything, especially if you are struggling to fall pregnant. TCM methods take into consideration not only the appearance of the rash but also the constitution and overall health of the person.
XIAO FENG WAN – eczema sufferers with signs of wind and damp would benefit from this formula. JIA WEI XIAO YAO SAN – the herbs in this formula are indicated for those with qi stagnation and heat signs. Lung 4 is located 5 thumbwidths (use your own thumb for best accuracy) above the crease your arm makes when your elbow is flexed. It is directly 3 thumb widths above the medial malleolus, which is the boney bump of your inner ankle. Trace along your pubic bone and find the point where it bulges up a little (called the pubic tubercle).
Fresh young coconut, including the firm meat and shell: Brings moistures, improves dry eczema. Nowadays many of us forget about it, trying to find the way out of some difficulty inventing something new, when, actually, nature has already got all the necessary material to provide our normal living. However, folk remedies, which effectiveness was proved in practice by using them for thousands of years, must not be dismissed out of hands. Moreover, one of the most appealing qualities and advantages of phytotherapy and Chinese herbs is the low risk of adverse reaction or side effects, especially in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs.
They work on discovering the source of herbsa€™ effectiveness, power over the human bodies and their active constituents.
Catnipa€™s antibacterial properties and vitamin C content have led to its traditional use in treating fevers associated with colds and fly. Now, you can save time and money by using the things in your kitchen for cleaning tools and room deodorizers.
Add a few drops to your cleaning water for a delicious fragrance that will give your home a comfy feeling. You can add it to laundry, or put a bit in your floor water to give your home a fresh and zesty fragrance. Burn orange peels on the stove when you or your children have colds or sore throats to kill germs instantly. Put them in an old pot filled with water and boil them for approximately 10 minutes, then strain and add the water to your housecleaning water. It is the smell of the farm and brings back memories for anyone who lived or visited in childhood. The following article is simply a compendium of old folk and herbal remedies that may help various conditions. If you just burned your tongue, rinse your mouth out repeatedly with cold water and place a few drops of vanilla extract on your tongue. Although there is proof of the benefits of certain herbs, specialist argue that this type of alternative medicine is solely aimed at treating the symptoms and not the cause of an illness.
This section will teach you about the anatomy of your nose and shed light on why you may be experiencing breathing or sinus problems.
Nowadays, these ancient herbs are tested in laboratories, to provide you with satisfactory results. Although it is not clear how it plays a significant role to treat hair loss, but Ginseng extract is prescribed in the tablet form to overcome hair shedding issues.
Fatty foods such as red meat, french fries and other such items should be avoided, as they effect negatively on your natural hair growth cycle.

Your practitioner will probably mix a blend of many herbs that is suited to your particular need. As with the initial acupuncture visit, a good practitioner will ask you a series of pertinent questions.
Doctors in modern China have reported a 70% success rate using TCM on patients with fertility issues. Here's how it can work for you.The 6 Best Yoga Poses for FertilityMany fertility issues can be caused by stress. I asked my practitioner about this and she explained that it was quite normal for a woman to experience some spotting. Not just to keep your body in shape, but your mind too.Homeopathic remedies for fertilityCan homeopathic remedies be used for fertility purposes?
Kidney 12 is used to treat eczema but it’s also recommended for impotence and uterine prolapse.
Furthermore, today official medicine tends toward employing traditional folk methods of treatment in many situations. Hippocrates, whom we often call a€?the father of medicinea€?, used more than 200 herbs and other natural supplements for treating different diseases. Catnip tea is used to calm nerves and induce sleep, to soothe the digestive tract as a digestive aid, as well as to ease menstrual cramps and itchy skin. Place it in small, easy to conceal containers and set them in the corners of every room of your house.
It is not meant to replace the advice of a trained physician, but you may find some great remedies that work well for you. Unlike the rest of the world who think that science is the answer to everything the Chinese people believe that everything we need can be found in nature. However the whole Chinese philosophy is based on balance and their alternative medicine is aimed at restoring balance to the body. There are hundreds of different herbs, and they can be used in different combinations and strengths.
Like I said, they will be related to treating you as a whole person, not just the one symptom. These yoga poses can relieve stress and be incredibly beneficial to your reproductive organs. Many people swear by these all-natural remedies, but does it actually work?Crystal healing for fertilityMany people believe in the healing properties of crystals, and use the stones in their everyday life, for myriad reasons. Not only herbalists, but even ordinary people knew about the curative forces of many herbs and used them for keeping and restoring the normal body functions, for improving health to feel better and live longer.
Dona€™t ever strictly depend on the use of herbs though, if you need medical attention from your doctor then get it. Go to Pow Wows, Native American fairs and bazaars to pick up sage bundles to hang in your home. The garlic will help thin the mucus produced by your cold as well as kill off the bacteria. Before western medicine, people often found solutions in nature for all types of health problems. However from the thousands of herbs used in remedies some have received worldwide acknowledgment of their beneficial properties. TCM has also shown to have fewer side effects than Western Medicine, which, despite being better for our bodies, is also better for us psychologically speaking.
She said that my menstrual cycle was regulating itself and there was nothing to be alarmed about.
The fragrance is heavenly and, according to legend it will keep evil spirits out of your home. Although no one doubts the benefits of using Chinese herb remedies, most people prefer to use pills whenever they are confronted with a health problem.
The main issue that is debated between Chinese herbal practitioners and western medicine specialists is the treatment of cancer. For example Ginseng is known for its rejuvenation properties, Lotus is very good for spline and kidney problems, Ginkgo Biloba is great for toning the lungs and the heart and the black and red Reishi mushrooms are great for stimulating the immune system.
Recent medical researches revealed that it effects remarkably well in resolving hair problems.
It is a well known fact that western cancer treatment does not work in the same way for everybody.
Besides solving hair related problems, it also enhances memory, decreases anxiety and cure insomania. If you and your partner were to both go for fertility treatment, you would probably find that the herbs used for both of you are very similar, but used in different quantities. TCM is used to regulate hormone levels and to ensure a healthy, regular menstrual cycle in women. Intensive use of Ginseng remedies has sometimes caused headaches and increased blood pressure. Firstly, it is incredibly expensive to undergo IVF, and secondly, it is an extremely invasive route to take. Do not be alarmed if you are just given a little brown bag containing odd-looking a€?stuffa€™ that you have to drink. Dona€™t think they have nothing to do with your fertility issues, because they have everything to do with it! While very few natural herbs practitioners claim to be able to cure cancer, most of them recommend Chinese herb remedies as a way of easing the side effects of western treatments. However side effects are also found in western medicine and one can never truly know how the body is going to react to a treatment.
So, being determined to avoid that route at all costs, I looked at natural remedies for low ovarian reserve, higher FSH levels, and conceiving at an advanced age.
Ask your practitioner what the ingredients are if you feel concerned; but think about this: when have you ever asked your GP what was in the chemical tablets he or she prescribed for you? The most popular such therapy is called Fu Zheng and it is aimed at improving the immune system. If, for example, you get hot easily, are often anxious, have a quick temper and suffer from constipation and insomnia, you might have what is called a€?functional excessa€™. Although various Chinese herbs have been studied, so far there still isn’t enough evidence to support this type of alternative medicine. This is not good for carrying a baby to term as the embryo cannot be carried peacefully in the uterus.

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