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Therefore selection of right kind of Agitators or Stirrers requires enough deliberation to achieve process demand.
In various Lean Healthcare training courses, when discussing waste (or muda), I often facilitate discussions on which is worst form of waste. What is it about overproduction that Toyota felt strongly enough about to stress this point? But, root-cause analysis says we need to ask “why?” again, in order to drill down further.  In this case the root cause is why we just cannot stop, even though we know it is wrong. The root cause of overproduction is the fact that we don’t trust (or perhaps even have) systems and processes reliable enough to give us confidence we can produce on demand and meet the needs of our patients without something extra in the bank. There are some wonderful Lean Healthcare examples of organizations that have made this change to a Lean Management System and there are many more in various stages of change.  Elimination of the waste of overproduction is a good gauge for how well our systems are managed by Lean fundamentals and thinking and therefore gives us the ability to let go of our security blankets.
Many states' mental health funding declined in recent years, but now some lawmakers have focused their attention on the issue after last week's shooting deaths in Newtown, Conn. Calls for a renewed focus on mental health have emerged as lawmakers look for ways to prevent another tragedy in wake of the shooting deaths of elementary school children in Newtown, Conn., last week.
All areas of state governments felt pressure to trim budgets in recent years, and mental health funding has been no exception. The vast majority of allocated state money funds community centers and clinics operated by nonprofits and private firms, while the remainder supports state hospitals.
Historically, state agencies experience a greater need for mental health services during tough economic times, and this has played out during the recent recession. Glover said there’s no single area of mental health treatment states can target and expect to prevent incidents like the Newtown shooting. Part of the problem also stems from a reluctance by those suffering from mental illnesses to seek treatment.

Adam Lanza, who authorities say killed 20 Sandy Hook elementary school children and six adults after shooting his mother, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism that experts have not linked to violent behavior. Poor mental health systems and understaffed facilities have sparked scathing reports or lawsuits in some states. In Illinois, a prison reform watchdog group issued a report last week raising concerns about one of the state’s juvenile detention centers.
Poverty per capita expenditures are for the population less than 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.
Public Defender Howard Finkelstein, says Broward County's felony mental health court has shifted from treating mentally ill individuals with compassion to patching up their mental well-being so they can be punished for behavior that was beyond their control when it happened. Every job has its advantages and disadvantages and healthcare jobs are no exception.  Where you work and the type of job you have can make all the difference in how much you love your job and (honestly) how easy it is to get up in the morning. Hospitals are one of the largest employers of allied healthcare workers.  They range from tiny facilities with just a few doctors, nurses and support staff to enormous complexes that span city blocks with thousands of employees.
And like in any job, there are pros and cons of working in a hospital….factors that you have to weigh before making a decision on where to work. As a practitioner in the healthcare field, you may find yourself lacking time to further your education and (therefore) career.
While many individuals aspire to obtain another time-intensive degree, certifications provide alternate education options for individuals who have limited amounts of time. Certification courses are offered in a variety of program lengths and at a variety of locations, making it convenient for professionals.
The National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) estimates states cut at least $4.35 billion in funding for mental health agencies from fiscal year 2009 through 2012. About half of states reported increased demand for community-based mental health services and another 27 percent saw a need for added crisis services, according to NASMHPD.

Instead, they should aim to provide a full range of services, including residential care, inpatient care, crisis services and medication.
Over the past four years, 12 states closed or are considering closing public psychiatric hospitals.
Justice Department sued Georgia after an investigation launched in 2007 found high rates of preventable deaths and assaults occurring in the state’s mental hospitals. Only eight of 17 staff positions were filled at the Illinois Youth Center at Kewanee, a facility providing intensive mental health treatment for severely ill delinquent youth.
The District of Columbia and Maine reported the highest spending per capita in fiscal year 2010, more than three times greater than many other states.
This is a Catch-22 scenario, because advancing your career and expanding your skill set can allow you to provide better patient care. A resulting settlement reached in 2010 laid a path for the development of community-based mental health services, but the state has since fallen behind schedule.
So you no doubt feel pulled in many different directions – being “pulled” between caring for you patients and ensuring that you advance in your career. Georgia’s behavioral health department asked for, and was granted, a one-year extension in August to establish a network of teams in communities to care for mentally ill patients.

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