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Today I am going to tell you about a versatile product which most of us will be having at home. It claims to be non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) so those having acne or pimple prone skin can use this. Everyone is different and have different skin types if anything suits me might not suit to everyone. Heal wounds– This one has germ protection and can be helpful to treat minor wounds like scratches, cuts, cracks and flakes. Cure chapped lips and make them pink – It moisturizes your lips and can be applied as many times as possible in a day.
Longer and thicker eyelashes – I haven’t tried it tough but many beauty bloggers vouch on this unbelievable miracle of petroleum.
Moisturizes skin – Apply it thoroughly onto your whole face every night before going to bed.
As body lotion – I sometimes apply it on my hands and legs and it very effectively help to get rid of dry and patchy skin problem completely. Make up remover – It is so mild and safe to use that I have used this to remove makeup.
Lipstick stains – Vaseline removes lipstick stains from soft materials by rubbing some onto the stained part of the cloth before washing, and watch those stains disappear. Diaper rash – it is very gentle and safe to be used on small babies and works amazingly in preventing diaper rashes. Everlasting fragrance – do you find really disappointing when your favorite perfume scent constantly fades away too early?

Yes, it has become my new makeup remover, body lotion, moisturizer, nail and had cream, hair serum, in short all in one product. This entry was posted in Body Lotion, Moisturizer, Vaseline and tagged GermSafe, Healthy Skin, Jelly, Petroleum, review, Vaseline by VSS.
Find out all you need to know about petroleum jelly here, including its uses and what it is made of. Take a peek inside any medicine cabinet and you’re sure to find a little jar of petroleum jelly. The history of Vaseline® Jelly starts in 1859, when Robert Chesebrough travelled to Titusville, a small town in Pennsylvania. When people talk about petroleum jelly, they’re usually referring to Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly – the product originally refined by Chesebrough. It was originally called ‘Wonder Jelly’, and Chesebrough decided to rebrand the product as Vaseline® Jelly – a combination of the German word for water (wasser) and the Greek word for oil (oleon). It works by creating a sealing barrier between cells, which locks in moisture and speeds up your skin’s natural recovery from dryness, helping it heal from within.
The feel and the texture of the petroleum jelly is same as original one except the smell as this one has a mild smell into it. I have read so many times different uses of Vaseline and wanted to try out but was a little skeptical how it would react on my facial skin.
Also the tub packaging is a little unhygienic, so it is advisable to sanitize hands before taking the petroleum jelly out of the tub. Other than applying on the lips, Vaseline or petroleum jelly has a lot of other uses for our complete body care as well. That’s where oil workers had been using rod wax, an unrefined form of petroleum jelly – then just a simple by-product of the drilling they were working on – to heal wounded or burnt skin.Curious about its healing benefits, young chemist Robert Chesebrough began to study the substance then known as ‘rod wax’.

And so in 1872 the brand Vaseline® Jelly was born. Vaseline® Jelly has been making it easy for people of all ages to take advantage of the benefits of petroleum jelly for more than 140 years. But after this I am using this without any hesitation but if you are facing any problem using this on face please stop it at once. Before spritzing on your perfume, dab some on your pulse points and watch the scent last for the entire day.
I use it during night before going to bed so there are no chances to transfer the jelly everywhere. It also helps in providing you soft hands.Massage your nail bed and finger nails with Vaseline before you go to bed and wear a pair of gloves.
At night, before you go to sleep, rub Vaseline on your feet and put on a pair of clean socks. The oils present in Vaseline help in locking the moisture on your skin and it also stays for a longer time on your skin than the other water based lotions.
After massaging, wipe your lips and apply a lip balm.There are different types of sugars and you can choose the sugar of your choice to scrub your lips.

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