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Building on this strong educational foundation, in 2005, the hospital expanded its educational offerings through a strategic partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, developing the first regional branch medical campus in Northern Virginia. Twenty-four third-year and 24 fourth-year medical students attend the branch school located on Inova Fairfax Hospital’s campus.
Our mission is to provide quality care and to improve the health of the diverse communities we serve in an academic environment. Our commitment includes sustaining a reputation of clinical quality and service excellence, the continuing education and advancement of our medical staff, growing health services to meet regional and community needs, and maintaining solid, durable relationships with our physicians.
Our vision is to be among the premier institutions in the United States that educate medical students, residents and fellows to master the skills and systems required to become excellent clinicians, achieving the highest quality clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction for a diverse patient population. Because we are a community hospital, our students receive a unique, innovative educational experience in small, personal environments.
How Do We Assess Student Performance to Determine Whether Faculty Are Teaching Toward the Valued Outcomes? The results represent the key themes pulled from these discussion via qualitative analysis techniques.
December 14, 2009Governor Tim Kaine and university officials unveil renderings of the new VCU School of Medicine Education Building.
Survey residency program directors to assess if graduates have achieved, and are continuing to achieve, competency outcomes as defined by the focus groups. There should be questions for students to answer each day; practice quizzes should be available in every the course.
Abraham Flexner was a firm believer that education should be marked by small classes, personal attention, and hands on teaching.
One of his fiercest critiques focused on the lecture mode, which enabled colleges to "handle cheaply by wholesale a large body of students that would be otherwise unmanageable and [to give] the lecturer time for research." The American College, 1908.
The Institute for Engineering and Medicine, constructed in 2009 as an addition to West Hall, houses labs that foster collaborative programs between the VCU School of Engineering, VCU Life Sciences and the VCU School of Medicine. The vaccine, which is designed to help prevent dogs from contracting Lyme disease, stimulates immune responses that help inhibit transmission of the Lyme disease bacteria from ticks to dogs and kill the bacteria that cause the disease.
The vaccine aids in the prevention of clinical Lyme disease and subclinical arthritis with Borrelia burgdorferi, which is the causative agent of Lyme disease in dogs.
According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, one in every 16 dogs tested will receive a positive diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is the most commonly reported vector-borne illness in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with the vast majority of cases occurring in the Northeast and upper Midwest. Marconi’s current research focus is now on developing a human Lyme disease vaccine and new diagnostic tests for Lyme disease.
Virginia Commonwealth University is a major, urban public research university with national and international rankings in sponsored research. This state-of-the-art center will include a full medical and surgical simulation center, while currently housing our simulation lab. The Inova campus maintains a growing simulation lab containing a variety of medical and surgical trainers.
Utilizing the latest technologies, the Inova campus provides faculty & students with comfortably-sized lecture rooms equipped with video conference capabilities. The conference room can be used for multiple functions ranging from classes, lectures, various committee meetings, presentations, and off-site video conferences.
Students can find a quiet environment to study, research, and browse the internet in our computer lab. The student lounge is a comfortable environment equipped with spacious seating, workstations, and connections to both Inovanet and WiFi wireless access.
Currently, there are 150 residents and approximately 110 medical students rotating through many of the hospital departments each month.
The combination of a diverse patient population, state-of-the-art hospital facilities and a committed teaching faculty has created an exceptional learning environment for medical students. Our faculty is comprised of national and international experts especially qualified to sculpt our students into the physicians they strive to become. The state-of-the-art collaborative research environment is one of the largest configurable research spaces in the U.S. Located in downtown Richmond, VCU enrolls more than 31,000 students in 225 degree and certificate programs in the arts, sciences and humanities. As part of our educational vision, we established the Claude Moore Health Education & Research Center, which features 11,000 square feet of modern space dedicated to the educational needs of our highly valued VCU students. Simulation training is at the forefront of medical education and enables students to learn through hands-on experience. The simulation lab enables students to utilize realistic hands-on training in coordination with their in-depth classroom studies.

These are versatile rooms that not only hold lectures, special presentations, and classes, but also give students access to the Richmond Campus in the areas of team-based learning, important curriculum meetings, and the entire spectrum of student affairs and student life issues. Utilizing state-of-the-art video and audio conference capabilities, students, staff, and faculty members find this room to be the preferred meeting place for small group events.
Access to the VCU intranet and Inovanet can be reached or students may bring in their laptops and connect to Wayport WiFi access for personal use. Seventy-nine of the programs are unique in Virginia, many of them crossing the disciplines of VCU’s 13 schools and one college.
Lecture rooms are equipped with video conference technology allowing students access to the Richmond Campus in the areas of team based learning plus the entire spectrum of student affairs and student life issues. Medical and surgical simulation gives educators a way to safely and practically teach and test students on various procedures.
The lecture rooms provide students the ability to participate in the extraordinary opportunities at the Inova campus while staying in full contact with Richmond.
The conference room allows for a more focussed and personal one-on-one meeting place with the same high-quality technological capabilities as our other lecture rooms. Fully equipped with medical texts, copy machine, and printer, students can find a variety of uses for the computer lab 24 hours a day, allowing students to set up group meetings or study dates when it best fits their busy schedules. In the lounge, students can find the perfect spot to meet with peers, work on projects, relax between classes, have lunch, or study for upcoming exams. The only academic medical center and Level I trauma center in the region, VCU Health comprises five health sciences schools (Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy), VCU Medical Center, Community Memorial Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, VCU Massey Cancer Center and Virginia Premier. The VCU Inova campus is dedicated to improving patient safety and quality of treatment through focused teaching, simulation, and training.
The center is proud to offer high-tech information technology that allows traveling students who may live outside of the region to receive a seamless medical education from anywhere in Virginia.

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