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As with any diet or exercise program it would be wise to consult with your doctor, I would recommend however also consulting with a dietitian. Many people aspiring for a healthier diet are surprised to learn there are just as many varieties of vegan diets as there are non plant-based diets–and not all of them are health promoting. After trying a raw food diet on and off for the past year, I decided to visit the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ, to experience the diet and lifestyle developed by Dr.
A major difference in Cousens’ approach from the cooked Whole Foods Plant-Based diet is that Cousens believes our carbohydrate requirements are practically zero. Although designed to treat diabetes, Cousens’ onsite program (which includes green juice fasting) is also effective for ridding the body of excess toxins that have built up. In addition to eliminating other “stored grains” such as wheat and corn, legumes and most fruit from my diet, the Tree of Life experience has challenged many of my beliefs. After avoiding all processed oil for the past few years, I have begun re-introducing some oils (all organic extra virgin cold pressed) including olive oil, sesame oil, flax and chia oil, as well as experimenting with coconut oil, which Cousens says increases the conversion of Omega-3 in chia and flax seeds from short-chain to more desirable long-chain. I had also believed that low cholesterol was best, but Cousens points out repeatedly in his book that many many vegans have total cholesterol that is too low (below 159), leading to depression and increased suicide risk. Cousens recommends a minimum of 80% raw plant-based food and the rest (also plants) can be lightly cooked. Although I have given up many foods I was accustomed to (including most fruits with the exception of berries), I am able to consume liberal quantities of nuts and seeds, whereas I used to ration them in the past. Another big difference in Cousens approach is the need for dietary supplementation (vitamins, minerals, detoxifiers), another departure from the natural hygiene camp which includes Ann Wigmore.
Cousens says that it takes 4 months to know whether a diet is serving you, so that any changes should be made slowly. Note: If you purchase a product on Amazon using the links above, I receive a small commission that helps defray costs and keep this site running.
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I recently wrote a post on Care2 about how a vegan diet can help alleviate symptoms of depression, and it made me wonder if it was possible that a vegan diet cure illness of all sorts.
In the post, I examine the link between a healthy diet and depression, which is a multi-faceted and complex issue, and there is no one single cure for everyone.
While doing research for that post I came across some more really interesting research and stories that showed that a vegan diet can help reduce symptoms of many health concerns.
And Forks Over Knives, the plant-based media group that has produced incredible documentaries and maintains an active website devoted to sharing the benefits of plant foods, features many stories about individuals that have healed depression, addiction, prediabetes, and helped people lose excess weight, among dozens of other health success stories. Amie Valpone, of The Healthy Apple, recently shared her story of healing on our sister site, Eat Drink Better.

Another thing that’s pretty clear is that a plant-based diet can help reduce inflammation, which is a key factor in many other health issues, including heart health and rheumatoid arthritis . Nutrition is a complicated and amazing science, and one that researchers are still trying to figure out. It is abundantly clear that plants have important nutrients that are not found in processed foods and animal foods. Plants are also the only source of phytonutrients, a fancy word that plant compounds or plant chemicals. Even if you think you’re getting your vitamins when taking a multi-vitamin, drinking a smoothie powder, or eating enriched foods, most likely your diet is lacking.
Eating a diet that is mostly plant-based, and full of all the vibrant colors of the plant kingdom is the surest way to improve your health.
Andrea Bertoli A vegan chef, educator, blogger, and yogi based on the gathering isle of Oahu, Andrea is also the Accounts Manager for Important Media. Vibrant Wellness' Journal is part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener, and healthier place for all.
Increased energy – Bill Clinton is a Vegan, and has been quoted as saying he has a tremendous amount of energy.
Better control of blood sugar levels – Since the Vegan diet is mainly plant based, there are less up and downs in blood sugar that can be associated with the traditional north American diet. Reducing the risk of heart disease – Since the Vegan diet is naturally high in soluble fiber, cholesterol free and low in saturated fats, it is one of the most heart healthy diets a person can enjoy. A healthier BMI – Putting all of these plant based foods in your body, typically carries a drastically reduced caloric payload.
The biggest differences among vegan diets are what foods are permissible, how they are prepared, and the balance of macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
The book also includes 120 additional case studies, in which 61 percent of non-insulin dependent diabetics are off all medication and healed (defined as fasting blood sugar under 100) in just 3 weeks. Since he considers diabetes accelerated aging, an anti-diabetes diet is the optimal one for rejuvenating the body. In one fell swoop, I immediately stopped eating oatmeal with apples and banana and grapefruit, my breakfast for the last decade. Cousens endorses moderately high protein (from green vegetables, blue green algae and spirulina) and moderately high fat (nuts, seeds, avocadoes and non-saturated vegetable oils). Experiment with it, paying careful attention to the effects of introducing and withdrawing foods. However, some really compelling evidence has shown the a plant based diet can help many patients heal from depression and anxiety. Greger, a nutrition and health expert has explained that lifestyle diseases like heart disease and diabetes are entirely preventable, treatable, and curable with a healthier diet. Valpone explained that eating a clean, detoxifying diet is what helped heal her after 10 years of debilitating disease, including Lyme disease and Colitis.

Chronic inflammation is not only a concern for athletes, but for everyone, and the most common inflammation-inducing foods are meat, dairy and sugar. Some of the most powerful include antioxidants, which help fight free radical damage and keep our cells in top shape. Eating nutrients in isolation or in a pill simply does not meet our myriad nutritional needs. Whether you are fighting a disease or a condition, or just trying to maintain a healthy body, plants are the key to true wellness. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries.
The thing about having more energy is that it tends to make you want to do more, it makes you want to be active. Even with the Vegan diet though it is essential to stay away from white starchy foods such as potatoes and white bread since the simple carbohydrates quickly turn to sugar in the blood. This is key for sufferers of Type II Diabetes because of the increased risk of heart disease associated with the condition. This in turn generally means over time your body percentage of fat will go down, losing weight is a side effect of the diet, gaining energy, healthier skin and hair are also well documented side effects of the diet. However, as people reverse their conditions, they usually experience a return to their optimal weight. If you can’t afford the time or money to visit Tree of Life, I highly recommend reading Dr. These diseases are the leading causes of death in the US; these are also the diseases that are linked directly with high animal food consumption. Valpone says that eating clean is about choosing simple plant foods that nourish the body naturally.
Some of the more commonly known phytonutrients include anthocyanidins, found in the purple foods like berries and red cabbage, and glucosinolates, found in leafy green veggies. This is not just a diet for reversing diabetes; it is a diet for optimal health and weight.
Cousens’ books, and incorporating his approach to arrive at a diet that enhances your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
These compounds have very strong anti-cancer effects on the body, and have beneficial effects on the liver. Once a stable blood sugar reading takes shape from following the diet, often times medications can be reduced, and seemingly miraculously they can be stopped altogether. Do the research, do the work, make it a lifestyle rather than a diet and you will be more likely to succeed.

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