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There is a technique for healing that is beyond transpersonal counseling, beyond psychotherapy, beyond mindfulness and cognitive change, beyond behavioral challenges.
Utilising deep emotional release, personal connection with your own Higher Self, hands on balancing of the fields around you and harmonic sound – this process reaches you deeply at the heart, mind, body and soul aspects of your reality in a profoundly healing way!
This work has grown out of many years of work in psychiatry and mental health, Psychodynamic and Lomi Lomi bodywork, Harmonic Overtones, Shamanic Practice, Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy – amongst many things in my life time of learning and unfolding. This process follows the pattern of pain around the body, then takes it to the core emotion of that pain and using joint toning, ancient instruments of vibrational healing, ancient words of harmonic power, intent and symbology – a process is set up of a vibrational movement in which nothing that is disharmonious to the system can reside within. Everything we are, everything that has ever existed, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. With Attunement, the author engages you gently in a flow of colors and sounds, with each sequence harmonizing one of your chakras. Born from her work using sound as a healing vehicle in workshops and THE HEALING CONCERT, an evening immersion into deep relaxation and rejuvenation, this book focuses on seven ways you can interact with your world to create more space and more healing in your life.
May the Living Spirit that comes fourth in every vibration of your physical world come forth and give you peace, love, health and understanding. This brings us right into the realms of what the ancients have called the unbounded, infinite, eternal, immortal and universal properties of God and "spirit".
Vibrational essences carry the vibrational frequency of particular flower, crystals or shells.

The essences are made by having either the flower, crystal or shell immersed in purified water and left in the sunlight for a specific period of time so that the energy of the sun assists the crystal, flower or shell to diffuse it’s energy into the water. Our feelings and emotions are our driving force for making decisions for the most part and also define the way we behave. At the Vibrational Healing Centre, I prepare a customised remedy for my clients  which may comprise of many different types of flower, shell or crystal essences to take at home so my clients will continue to feel supported and continue on with their healing between sessions.
Vibrational Essences are safe to take with other medication and have no contra indications.
Things that erupt in our lives in patterns of familiarity ( not this again!!) and in patterns of pain.
The book was created as an introduction to her teachings and to help explain to audiences why they felt so good after her concerts and workshops.
Thus, each one of us is a marvel of energiesdoing miraculous things and accomplishing uncountable life affirming processes. So it is that, when we call upon God, the Angels, Spirits or Guides it is we who are attuning to them and they don't really travel great distances in time or space, for in their awareness, there is no time and also no space; everything "just is".
The way you look and feel is an expression of the current state and level of your vibration. Her understanding of coherent energy and vibrational exchange allows her to transmit experiences which inspire natural healing.

There isnothing that you create physically that does not come from the vibrating energies of plant or earth, whether it is thehandle of a door, or the nail driven into the board,.
Here at the Frequency Spa, we bring you the ultimate anti-aging solution – your frequency will be programmed to resonate at the vibration of beauty, youthfulness, vitality and ideal weight! There is livingness within all things, and thus in these also, not evolution but livingness. Evolu­tion takes place in the gems of the mineral kingdom, as well as in plants and animals.
Yes, there is more potential hovering about our bodies; b e it spirits or our own soul energies - which are conscious and aware. So it is, the only limitations that we and that soul really operate under are only limited by what we don't allow of that vastenergy, through into our minds, bodies and lives.The human beings we call Jesus, Pythagoras, Mosses, Zeus, Hermes, Horus, Isis, Ra and even Poseidon (all real human beings in their own time, each expressing a different facet of divinity) allowed more soul or divine energy than most of us would even consider. But, is possible to increase your "soul quotient", to express greater love and abundance?  Absolutely achievable, but be warned, you will not become any of these beings, as you and the Creative Forces of God-Goddess have put you here and now to express your unique blend of divine (soul) energies.Shift happens - and for good reason!

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