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Vibrational Balancing © teaches the essence of energy healing and the expansion of consciousness.
Mindful Meditation explores self-awareness and consciousness: learn how to shift consciousness, for example, bi location, past lives and time travel.
This course gives practitioners suitable structures and applied methodology for their healing consultations, for example the use of art and sound, chakra and auric sprays, as well as their own repertoire of vibrational essences. We focus on energy matching and balancing, energy healing and an understanding and birthing of consciousness.
We use aromatherapy, natural organic life, crystals, sound and colour, light and symbols to understand, channel and interpret energy.
These may even capture the energy of extensive meditations, including global healings and past lives.

You will learn about clearing space or land, distant healings, as well as the use of power or Universal grids. It develops channelling skills, which are essential for spiritual counselling, drawing in energy and guidance for healing as well as simply knowing what to do when you are faced with complex healing issues. This is appropriate for the chakras, auric fields, spine and internal organs, as well as DNA and RNA. It is one of the best systems for healing body, mind, spirit, soul, emotion, chakras and aura.
We use sacred geometry and mathematical and symbolic consciousness as well as models of thought perception to achieve deep healing that shifts original or long-held programs. Each level of frequency connects you to anything on that frequency, just like a radio frequency.

As you heal these areas of your BE-ing with Frequency energies, all of the other areas and situational issues begin to heal and fall into place too. Highest Energy Vibrational Healing connects you and adjusts your frequency to source energy – the God energy by any name you choose to call it.
The results are amazing when you practice the art of healing with the high energy of this system.

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