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We all carry with us various levels of soul fragmentation due to the experience of traumatic events in this or other lifetimes, which we are not always consciously aware of, especially if they happened when we were young. We all have had traumatic experiences in this lifetime — whether or not we are consciously aware of it.
Unhealed traumas from past lifetimes accumulate and follow us until we acknowledge and consciously heal and release them.
Traumas cause us to become bound to unhealthy, destructive energy patterns typically revolving around fear in some form.
This is not, by any means, a comprehensive list.  Nonetheless, it serves to show that just about every person alive today is carrying some level of soul fragmentation due to the myriad ways in which traumas can and do occur.

When a trauma occurs, a fragment of our soul becomes energetically attached to the experience, person, or place responsible or involved in the situation, while still maintaining an energetic cord back to you, as the soul never loses its signature.
Furthermore, we carry unhealed traumas with us from past lifetimes and these tend to be buried even more deeply in our subconscious minds than traumas that occur during the present lifetime.
The Binaural Beat overlay in this activation stimulates the brain into a deep Delta-wave state commonly experienced in the deepest levels of REM sleep (stage 3 & 4 NREM).
To receive the maximum benefit from all embedded healing technologies, headphones are recommended, although not necessary. It is suggested that the participant find a quiet place, free from distractions and potential disturbances where they can let themselves be fully immersed in the defragmentation.

The activation can be done laying down or sitting up although it is suggested that the participant is lying down for maximum comfort, and hence, maximum relaxation, receptiveness, and efficaciousness.
Ideally cell phones, computers, and any devices that emit EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) or potentially disturbing noises should be shut off, if possible.
The Soul Defragmentation uses special tones tuned to very specific frequencies which effortlessly guide your brain into this state simply by listening to the music.

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