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The heavier vibrations exude denser objects that can be seen and felt, such as tables, chairs, rocks and humans. Angels are usually invisible to humans because they have a lighter and faster vibration.We humans, are really spiritual beings of light as well, but we have incarnated into denser physical bodies to experience life on the Earth plane.
When we invoke Angels to assist us, we are not "praying" to them, and they do not override God.A  Some people may wonder why not ask God directly for assistance, instead of the Angels. When we ask the Angels for assistance, we are also helping them fulfill their mission so to speak.
Angels work directly with humans and all other sentient beings on the planet.i»? They are a part of God, just as we all are.
Some Angels can incarnate on Earth when necessary, and they do so when certain conditions on Earth needs help and the higher vibrations that Angels bring.
They are included in the Healing Angels of the Energy Field group that we work with in an IET session. The other Healing Angels of the Energy FieldA® are Ariel, Celestina, Casiel, Faith, Daniel and Sarah.
Although Angels are androgynous in nature, they sometimes present themselves as either a masculine or feminine energy.

Some also believe that Ariel is the feminine aspect of Archangel Uriel, while other believe that Archangel Ariel is a masculine energy. The is that they are in balance with nature, and possess both masculine and feminine energies and qualities.
While there are millions of Archangels in existence, there are 15 major ones we usually work with. All Angels and Angels are omnipresent, meaning they can be with everyone at the same time, and are not restricted by time and space. Some people have more than two Guardian Angels, and some have Angels that will stay with you for a certain period of time, until they are no longer needed. They have a strong connection to us because they were once human and lived on the earth plane at some point in their existence. They can sometimes play the role of a Guardian Angel if the need arises.i»?Ascended Masters - Ascended Masters are former humans who have transcended their Karma, and reside in the spirit plane. Because they once waked upon the earth, they have a strong connection and commitment to us.
There are many Ascended Masters on the planet now to help us with our spiritual growth and expression, as we shift into a new dimension and new paradigm.

The Angels and Archangels will also assist bringing clarity and peace to any issues and questions you may have. If any type of healing is needed, I will be guided as to what that is, and I'll incorporate that into the session. I use Angel cards when guided to do so, usually as a follow up and confirmation of the messages received. These loving messages are meant to empower you as an individual and assist you on your journey through life. I will receive channeled guidance from the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and your guides. You will receive messages and information to give you a general sense of the overall energies for the coming calendar year.

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