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Sono possibili complicazioni sistemiche in particolare a carico del sistema nervoso centrale.
When reactivated by sunlight, emotional stress, surgery, trauma, hormone level fluctuation or immunosuppression, the virus reproduces and travels down the nerve to the skin, where it produces recurring outbreaks.How is herpes simplex virus transmitted?Contact with open sores may result in infection to others. Some infected individuals shed herpes virus from affected areas, even when no active lesion is present. L’infezione primaria si manifesta nei bambini, solitamente in forma asintomatica, a volte come gengivostomatite o cheratocongiuntivite.

A guarigione avvenuta, il virus - come s'è detto - persiste nel tessuto nervoso allo stato quiescente, fino a quando vari fattori aspecifici (traumi, emozioni, febbre, esposizione solare) lo riattivano. La dermatosi, preceduta da sensazione di bruciore, si manifesta come una chiazza congesta edematosa, sulla quale insorgono le caratteristiche vescicole rotondeggianti, che tendono a raggrupparsi in grappoli e il cui contenuto, inizialmente sieroso, in seguito tende a diventare purulento.
Dopo alcuni giorni le vescicole si rompono, dando luogo a erosioni superficiali che si ricoprono di croste bruno-giallastre. Signs of infection usually appear with two weeks of exposure, but can rarely lay dormant for months or years before 1stĀ outbreak.What are the signs and symptoms of herpes simplex virus?Primary infections are usually severe and are often accompanied by painful, small, fluid-filled blisters, fever, and flu-like symptoms. Alcuni autori sostengono l'efficacia della terapia locale con adrenalina all'1% nelle fasi prodromiche. Recurrent episodes usually begin with itching, tingling, or burning at the site of infection. A red bump or cluster of bumps then form on the skin and rapidly progress to fluid or pus filled blisters.
Altri farmaci impiegati sono la vidarabina, il foscarnet (farmaco antivirale di nuova sintesi) e l'interferone-beta.

After a few days scabs form and the lesions heal, usually within eight days.About one-half of men with the virus experience a recurrence within eight months. There are various contagious potential triggers of herpes simplex virus such as stress, sunlight, changing hormone levels, and illness. Patients have been known to infect themselves in a new location by touching an active herpes sore and then touching an area of broken skin. Once lesions dry up, they are no longer contagious.Is there a cure or treatment for herpes?
However, antiviral medications have proven themselves to be somewhat effective in preventing or shortening the herpes outbreaks for the period of time the patient is taking them. Appointment length varies and depends on severity of condition or other contributing factors, but is usually not more than 15-30 minutes.Jennifer J.

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