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SmileTemplates high-quality poster templates make it easy for you to create great looking marketing materials affordably and quickly. Each template Presentation Folders layout is setup for producing exceptional-quality colour printing on commercial presses or inkjet and laser printers, the fully editable templates include high resolution 300 dpi graphics.
SmileTemplates Presentation Folders templates are created by award-winning graphic designers and cater to consumer, established businesses and graphic design firms. SmileTemplates design templates include high resolution, (300 dpi) images, including photos, illustrations, clip art, logos, backgrounds, textures, shapes and graphic objects. The prices of our Presentation Folders templates when compared to the prices of websites offering similar products are very reasonable and affordable. Layouts and graphic files are easily editable in their native file formats, you can change the Presentation Folders text, wording, fonts, move, resize and change graphic elements to suit your desired needs.
Our Presentation Folders templates are prepared to exacting printing industry standards for accurate print reproduction, every element in our ads is carefully examined and tested to ensure trouble-free print output and a professional finished product. Microsoft, Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.
Adobe illustrator presentation templates free Free vector for free download about (843) Free vector in ai, eps, cdr, svg format . This tutorial covers how set up a presentation folder in Adobe Illustrator for offset printing. Download the Offset presentation folder template from Clubcard’s website and insert it into your document. If you are ever in doubt, please refer to the legend in the bottom right corner of your template. Additionally, you will see the angled gray lines on the pockets, these are the business card slits.
Now that you have an understanding of how the template is set up, we are ready to bring in our print ready artwork and place it on the Artwork layer.

We have placed our artwork, you can see the outside front on the right, the outside back on the left and our two pockets on the bottom.
Now that we have our artwork ready for print, I am going to make sure that all text has been converted to curves. Open your saved PDF, double check that your artwork looks as it should and both pages are included. Create a professional presentation quickly and affordably with easy-to-edit designs that include master slides, color themes, photos and artwork for Microsoft PowerPoint. Choose from our extensive library of high-quality, affordably priced PowerPoint presentation designs. Our royalty-free poster templates include customizable layout files, hi resolution stock photo images and illustrations and are produced to industry standard sizes suitable for printing on a commercial press or colour printer. You can buy the best quality Presentation Folders templates you'll ever find at an economical rate you'll never imagine.
All other trademarks, logos and registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners. In this case each side (outside and inside) has been placed on separate layers, with the outside template on the left artboard and the inside template on the right artboard. If you are designing a one pocket presentation folder, the template for the inside is a mirror image of the template for the outside.
The right side of the outside (left) template is our outside front, while the left side of the outside template is the outside back.
The inside (right template) has the left pocket on the left side and the right pocket on the right side. It lies ?” in from the trim line (red perforated line) You are going to want to keep all important information within this area so it does not run the risk of being cut off when your document is trimmed.
You are going to want to extend your bleed ?” past the trim line (red perforated line).

They will be cut during the trimming process so that you can insert a standard sized business card into them. You are going to want to make sure that the artwork for the pockets doesn’t extend past the gray perforated lines on the bottom. Please note that the artwork does not extend past the bottom fold line or onto the inside of the pockets. By default this preset has no compression, which you will see when you select the Compression menu on the left of the window.
There you go you now have a presentation folder set up in Illustrator and saved as a PDF for print(Open PDF). The left side of the inside (right ) template is our inside front, while the left side of the inside template is the inside back.
Now the pockets on the front side of the template are on the opposite sides, but after printing when the presentation folder is folded the pocket on the left will become the inside right and the pocket on the right will be come the inside left. The gray perforated lines running along the bottom (above the pockets), are where your pockets will fold.
This way when the pockets are folded towards the inside, this portion of the artwork is not visible from the outside. I have made this decision because you are not going to see the reverse side of the pockets once they are folded.
You are also going to want to ensure that your artwork appears upside down, this way when the pockets are folded it will appear right side up on the inside.

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