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Viral fevers are seen all over the world, and viral fever symptoms can affect all age groups from the smallest infant to the elderly. Treatment of viral fevers is usually symptomatic, or based on the various and separate viral fever symptoms.
Viral fever is most commonly spread in 3 different ways: direct contact with the virus, breathing infected air and eating or drinking contaminated food or water.
Once the virus enters the body, it can take several days before the viral fever takes hold and symptoms begin to become apparent. Information on this web site is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.
Arunabh Kumar, founder and creative experiment officer (CEO) of The Viral Fever (TVF), is one of the pioneers of original online entertainment in India.
It’s been reported that a rejection from youth channels set you off on the entrepreneurial path.
With the funding injection we received this year, we plan to make feature films for theatrical release. A small number of viral fever cases are deadly, but most of the time viral fever is not serious and it will go away on its own or with home care and over-the-counter treatment of the worst symptoms. This type of infection leads to a spike in body temperature once it has manifested itself in the body. The most obvious viral fever symptom is the fever, of course, and it can be a low-grade fever (99 to 100 degrees) or a very high fever (102 degrees or more). Viral fever symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to weeks or even months, in very severe cases. Viral fever can also be spread through sexual contact or be injected directly into the blood stream via shared needles. Most of the time, people with viral fever take over-the-counter medication to treat the aches, pains and respiratory symptoms and the fever goes away within a week or less.

While medication may alleviate the symptoms, it will not cure the virus or make it go away. TVF’s original Web series, Pitchers and Permanent Roommates, have clocked unprecedented viewership.
We thought that if it crossed 100,000 views we would go party, but it crossed 1.1 million views and went on to become the first original video to go viral.
I had written seven rules when I started, in our first proper office, and rule No.3 was that every three months we should make some content that we are scared to put out. Humans become infected through tick bites and through direct contact with infected animal blood or tissue. Viral fevers can be highly contagious, however, so they have a tendency to spread very quickly. Viral fever is unique in that it is most often treated and overcome without the true virus that caused the problem ever being determined.
As stated above, some viral fevers are highly contagious and will spread rapidly through the air or by contact with infected people. Sufferers are out and living their normal life without realizing that there is a virus taking hold and getting ready to make them pretty sick.
As with any illness, if the symptoms persist for more than a week or any discomfort or pain becomes severe, a visit to the doctor or emergency room may be necessary.
Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. So rejection of TV shows, Canon DSLR cameras becoming cheaper and Google becoming aggressive with YouTube, all happened coincidentally.
In that scheme of things, we are planning to make a movie next year for theatrical release.
There are some extreme cases where antibiotics may be used to treat a viral fever, but this is not the most common or preferred treatment for this type of illness.

In terms of monetization (TVFPlay is a free-to-view platform), the only thing Indian audiences are willing to pay even Rs.900 for is a substandard movie. Transmission of the virus can occur during slaughtering of infected animals, during veterinary procedures, and in hospital settings. I studied in a boarding school from classes VIII-X and then cleared JEE (the Joint Entrance Examination) on the second attempt.
I have no ambition of reaching 100 million users like Hotstar, Viacom, Eros Now and Netflix and for everyone to see everything on their screen. Today, our shows Pitchers and Permanent Roommates would be bigger than any MTV, Channel V or Bindass show. I moved to Mumbai and started working as a consultant copywriter for advertising agencies; I was also making branded content. Creators, brands and viewers form the three corners of a triangle, and if you mess around with any of the three corners, you do not have good content.
In the second half of 2010, I got the idea of registering The Viral Fever (TVF), which was a one-man production house for branded content. We are showing a very serious documentary on cricket, Death Of A Gentleman, on our movie vertical, Inbox Office, which released on 29 April. Today we have around 70 employees and have finally become an organization with HR and legal departments, air conditioners, and support for the team.

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