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Pharyngitis, a painful inflammation or a viral infection of the throat is the main cause of sore throat. Viruses that cause viral infections like common cold, coughing, nose blowing, sneezing, swollen glands in the neck (lymph nodes), infection of the tonsils (tonsillitis), and mild fever can be some of the common causes for sore throats virally.
Streptococcus and Arcanobacterium  Haemolyticum are the common bacteria that causes sore throat infections.
Gastroesophagea reflux disease (GERD) is caused by the backflow of food and stomach acids into the esophagus, which is a tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. Indoor and outdoor pollution, complications in postnasal drip, yelling, and low humidity can some of the allergic causes of sore throats.
The most common symptom is experiencing pain in the throat and sometimes this pain spreads to the ear. Lump in the neck, suffering with hoarseness for more than two weeks can be said as the symptoms of sore throat. Heart burns are the symptoms faced by one if sore throat is caused by Gastroesophageal Reflux. Initially, instead of seeking a doctor in primary stages it is better if you keep yourself safe at home. Eating raw garlic can reduce the itchy and the scratchy irritation that caused due to sore throat.
Yes, you made find that trying out pepper would be little difficult because of the spiciness of pepper. As dryness and low humidity is one of the causes for sore throat, using a sore throat at your work place or in your room can reduce the suffering. Home treatment with antacids and other acid- reducing medicines may decrease the pain caused by mild GERD and sometimes it may even prevent the severe conditions. As the causes for sore throat may vary from mild to severe it is best if you consult a doctor. If the sore throat is caused by a bacterial infection it is better suggested if you take antibiotics.
Pain relievers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen may help you to relieve from the severe pain.
All these medicines are taken only under the advice of doctors and you should not exceed recommended dose.
Following these simple measures and carefully taking the medicines would relieve you from the suffering caused by sore throat infections.
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It's easy to understand why most people are confused about the difference between a virus and a bacteria infection.
The main difference between a virus infection and a bacteria infection is that antibiotics have no affect on viruses. Although viruses and bacteria are different and not treated the same, they are spread in the same manner. DISCLAIMER: The content or opinions expressed on this web site are not to be interpreted as medical advice.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available Crested bird identification How to Seal Handpainted Furniture DIY rustic wood look Midol Description What are the causes of poor personal hygiene? A sore throat can involve irritation, pain, and itchiness that can make it hard to swallow.

Visit your doctor if your sore throat lasts longer than a week and if ita€™s accompanied by other symptoms, like a fever, rash, joint pain, or difficulty breathing.
Treatments include gargling with warm salt water, throat lozenges, anti-inflammatory medicines, and other medications.
Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice. This entry was posted in Cold, Cough and tagged drugstore manila, healthy lifestyle, pharmacy philippines, the generics pharmacy, throat hurt, throat pain, tonsillitis. Sore throat, a distressing infection is commonly seen in all age groups from infants to aged persons. Mononucleosis, a virus, effluent in causing flu, breathing difficulties is responsible for sore throat infection in extremes.  Other viral infections such as mumps, laryngitis (infection of voice box), and measles can also lead to sore throat infections. This may usually occur when your immune system gets heated up due to some changes in climatic conditions.
You may experience pain radiating to your ear and other symptoms include sudden weight loss, blood in saliva and phlegm that leads to sore throat infection caused by tumors. This in overtime, leads to inflammation, sores and narrowing of the esophagus which is the cause of sore throats. Chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, and intake of any spicy foods irritate the throat and make you feel scratchy and itchy. As the suffering may occur in any form you cannot easily find out whether it causes sore throat or other common flues.
You need to let the garlic juices coat through your complete throat and mouth but not just by biting the garlic cloves. Generally, the causes for sore throat are tested in lab by taking the samples of your saliva. Increase the intake of citrus fruits in your diet and liquids in order to prevent sore throats and other mouth infections. When you are sick, these two terms are often used interchangeably to describe what type of infection you have. A virus usually has more widespread symptoms where a bacteria infection tends to stay within one area, such as the throat. Please consult with your doctor or medical practictioner before utilizing any suggestions on this web site. Their purpose is to stop any infection that enters your body via your nose and mouth from getting to the rest of your body.
One of the most common causes of tonsillitis is the same bacteria that cause strep throat, which is Streptococcus pyogenes. The patient will be required to rake antibiotics to combat the infection and medicine for fever to combat the fever. This will only be recommended for severe cases such as tonsillitis causes infection, numerous cases of tonsillitis in a year, breathing difficulty, or tonsillitis that isn’t reacting to treatment. The irritation caused by sore throat may be mild enough and it may leave you without any medication. Streptococcus is the bacterium that causes strep throat infection in both adults and children. Also smoking or breathing through mouth may lead to excessive nose and throat dryness which is one of the causes for throat infections. Also straining your throat muscles by speaking loudly in a noisy environment stresses your throat membranes that lead to irritation.
However there are certain symptoms and you can avoid by taking necessary preventive measures.

Repeat this gargling at least 3 to 4 times a day and this helps in rehydrating the dry tissues in the throat. All you need to do is add 4 to 5 shakes of cayenne pepper to a glass of warm water and add 2 to 3 drops of lime juice to it. If the sore throat persists for more than a week it is better if you visit your nearby doctor.
Taking antibiotics unnecessarily may not solve the problem as some bacteria may become resistant to the antibiotics. Aspirin is taken generally to get rid of the mild fever in adults but not in children and teens as it leads to serious illness called Reye syndrome. Strep throat, tuberculosis, and urinary tract infections are examples of infections caused by bacteria. They also have similar symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing, fever, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and cramping. But then you feel something hard just near your throat that makes it very painful to swallow.
But there are times when an infection can be too much to handle and the tonsils do become infected which leads to their swelling. Other viruses that can cause tonsillitis are adenovirus and rhinovirus, while when it comes to bacteria,  Chlamydia pneumonia and Bordetella pertussis may also cause the infection.
To lessen your chances of being infected, do not share food,  utensils or cutlery with people who are sick as this may lead to you getting infected as well.
Sometimes the pain persists for several days that it becomes difficult to chew and swallow your own food, sometimes you even might go speechless because of the severe pain.
Inflammation of epiglottis is one of the serious causes affecting sore throat because it becomes difficult for you to swallow food which is usually the function of epiglottis. If you have any further queries and doubts that hover your mind after reading this article feel free to comment via the comments section.
A virus may produce phlegm that is clear or cloudy, but a bacterial infection may produce phlegm that is green, yellow, bloody or brown. Practice good hygiene by washing your hands (especially after contact with someone sick or coming from the restroom) and bringing a small bottle of alcohol with you at all times. A sore throat usually mentioned as a throat infection or pharyngitis, causes pain in the back part of the throat. Inflammation of uvulitis and is responsible for the food to enter into the digestive system.
Throat lozenges are also recommended although do remember that they must not be given to very young children as they may be a choking hazard.
If you are the patient, do the rest of the world a favor by staying at home and getting well to avoid the spread of infection.
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If the bumps on your tongue are related to an infection, an antiseptic mouthwash will help.

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