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Many doctors advise against treatment to remove tongue warts in otherwise healthy patients unless the growth is causing discomfort. Tongue warts are caused by a type of sexually transmitted disease known as the human papilloma virus, more commonly referred to as HPV, and should always be treated by a doctor. In some cases, if the warts do not cause any bothersome symptoms, the supervising physician may decide against medical treatment. Laser surgery or chemical injections may be used to remove tongue warts in some situations. Wartrol is a popular first choice for many people searching for a genital warts treatment.I got a question the other day about a genital warts treatment called Wartrol.
Well the reason for spraying Wartrol under your tongue is because under the tongue is the fastest method of getting the medicine to your blood stream, just short of injecting it. You should know that when selecting a genital warts treatment that’s right for you, you are not bound to a single product or medication. Believe it or not, we get new readers every single day who ask about this particular treatment.
Treatments such as Wartrol and Wartamine heavily rely on your immune system being in great shape. A virus commonly found attacking poor immune systemsThe things you eat directly affect how well your immune system works. Wartrol used to be sprayed on the actual warts but now they have reformulated it and it is to be sprayed under your tongue.
Well just wanted 2 know what is the complete dosage I see u have up to siix months supply is one bottle enough to cure all warts?.
Attempting to treat these warts at home may cause them to rupture and spread the virus further or cause serious damage to the sensitive tissues of the mouth. Instead, the condition may be monitored in order to see if the warts disappear on their own, as they sometimes do.

This method of treatment is typically used temporarily until a more invasive method of treatment can be scheduled. And it will kill the virus that's present in the wart so it won't spread and form clusters on your tongue. I know it sounds scary, but it's really not that bad.
I would not try that unless your doctor says its okay. I would advise you however to try and improve your immune system. Do you think it could also be used on tongue warts? Is it safe to put tea tree oil on the tongue and ingest it? Has anyone tried treating tongue warts this way? If you follow the directions properly, you should have no problems giving yourself a dose of Wartrol – which is supposed to be done daily in order to be effective.
Without a healthy immune system, there is no catalyst for the treatment to work as desired.
You should eat three healthy meals every day and if possible, get a little exercise (like going for a short walk around your neighborhood before going to work). I added a few helpful tips regarding wartrol and also a few little-known ways to improve your immune system (which will result in speeding up your HPV treatment process; obviously awesome). Vivo en Mexico pero no he encontrado la manera de contactarme con ellos al menos via email y en la pagina oficial del producto no viene mi pais como destinos de envio. Topical ointments and antiviral medications may be used to treat warts on the tongue, although more invasive treatment methods are often required. If pain or other symptoms develop, the doctor will then discuss treatment options with the patient. It is difficult to treat areas of the mouth with topical agents because of the natural moisture in the mouth, which prevents the symptom relief from lasting as long as is generally needed.
This treatment may have to be repeated on several occasions because the liquid nitrogen tends to remove one layer of the wart at a time. Chemical injections may be used in an effort to reduce the size of the tongue warts and relieve painful symptoms.

We encourage you to do as much research as you need in order to find a solution that fits your life and your budget. Little things like this have the power to increase your overall health and can also increase the effectiveness of certain HPV treatments by 10x!
You can completely reset your immune system in less than a week if you put your mind to it.
Cryotherapy, laser surgery, or the use of chemical injections are among the most common treatment methods. Occasionally, an antiviral medication may be prescribed in an attempt to lessen the severity of the symptoms.
As is the case with other methods of treatment, these injections often need to be repeated at varying intervals. But if the warts are bothering you and you wan't to get rid of them quickly, this is a safe and sure way to do it. If you have any questions about Wartrol or any other genital wart treatments, please do not hesitate to ask one of the staff members by posing your question in the comment box below or by emailing it to an administrator. Any specific questions or concerns about the most appropriate treatment options for tongue warts in an individual situation should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional. We answer questions 24 hours a day and you can expect your question to be treated with urgency. I don't think removing warts is really a good treatment because the warts are caused by a virus.
And like the article said, if you mess around with it, you might actually make it worse by spreading the virus to other parts of your mouth.

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