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With the shipbuilding industry increasingly concentrated in Asia, the local manufacture of Wartsila’s marine engines is a key element in the company’s growth strategy, GMD said. Wartsila has established a worldwide network of 18 licensees for manufacturing 2-stroke engines. Ltd (GMD), a member of the state-owned China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) Group, have jointly signed a license agreement for the manufacture and sale of Wartsila 2-stroke engines in China.

GMD is based in the Panyu District, close to Guangzhou and the special administrative region of Hong Kong. They are located mainly in Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam), but also in Europe (Croatia, Poland and Russia) and South America (Brazil).
The agreement covers the entire engine portfolio with a power range of between 4300 and more than 80 000 kW per engine.

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